Obsidian Entertainment is Currently Developing a AAA RPG Led By The Creators of Fallout

In early 2016, Tim Cain & Leonard Boyarsky both began work on a secret project that at the time we only knew was being built inside Unreal Engine 4.This top secret project is now confirmed to be a multi-platform RPG as it is described in a job posting.

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XiNatsuDragnel1320d ago

Very nice and no simplistic this time

quent1319d ago

Its Really sad what happened to Troika, they were so influential

EazyC1319d ago

Is it def not a New Vegas sequel? That's a bummer!

SilverDemon1319d ago

OR maybe it a new IP with new setting that will give Bethesda and their creation club a slap in the face
lets hope it's what fallout 4 should've been

dreamoner1319d ago

It's confirmed new IP, Boyarsky talk about it being a new IP in sinfo panel but said nothing else.

CommonCent1318d ago

The fallout universe got stale. Obsidian could do so much more, have done soooo much more.

gutteranthems1319d ago

Eh. I'll hold out. Last time I got excited about a developer's next project, Bandai announced Code Vein

BrianOBlivion1318d ago

Non-story. Game developers working on unspecified game!

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