Innovative games hitting stores

Doug Elfman of LVRJ talks about the three most innovative nonsequels hitting stores this year: Dead Space, LittleBigPlanet, and Mirror's Edge.

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mikeslemonade3787d ago

Dead Space is not innovative it has a few gimmicks that's about it. The other two games are innovative.

Utalkin2me3787d ago

Actually i would say dead space and mirrors edge is innovative and the other isn't. What makes LBP innovative seriously. I have made levels with editors for quake2, half life, Ut, i mean creating your own levels is nothing new. Platforming been there done that and i still love it, but LBP is more of a gimmick platformer. It is a editor first, cutesie second then a platformer third. I mean really you cant say this is good platforming, lets all jump on this skateboard and ride down this hill. Everybody say weeee as we do it, give me a break.

mikeslemonade3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

You don't know the definition of innovation then. Little Big Planet is the first of its kind on a console. Have you ever modded first hand on a console? No. Also you get to choose through the mods like Youtube. There's so many community features that are innovative in the game. Don't even get me started on the gameplay. Dead Space is not even a evolution. The only thing is that the Hud is on the back of a character. That's like Unchared where Nathan Drake's shirt gets wet and then it dries over time. That's essentially the gimmick of Dead Space. Screw Dead Space it's overhyped.

Johnny Rotten3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I heard Dario Argento does a voice in Dead Space which is pretty cool. Innovative? not sure I never played it but I do give them credit for helping to keep the survival horror genre alive.

Voozi3787d ago

Dead Space - No

LittleBigPlanet - Yes

Mirrors Edge - Yes BUT it may get boring fast for some

Why o why3787d ago

innovation personified and you know where to get it

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The story is too old to be commented.