Has Microsoft lost it?

Rejected by Yahoo!, outgunned by Google and humiliated by Apple, Microsoft is fighting for its very survival.

TechRadar: "On the face of it, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Gordon Brown don't have much in common.

One is a plain speaking, unpretentious, horny-handed son of toil who, after what seemed like an eternity, took over the top job from his best friend – only to find himself in charge of a crumbling empire with no clear direction, declining popularity and endless media coverage of his smoother, more stylish rival. The other is the Prime Minister.

The comparison isn't as bizarre as it might seem."

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Sofa King Retarded4432d ago

why does everyone on this site "hate" microsoft. just because Sony has some big competition now, you think MS is evil? you would prefer a monopoly in the console market?? competition is great for the consumer. i bought a ps3 for $400 dollars. last year it would have cost me $600 but Sony is trying to play catch up which saved me $200. also for MS, owning 95% of the operating system market is considered failing? this article is just stupid.

Mr PS34432d ago

Sofa King Retared
You look like a Sofa Retard or a Typical BoT
Take your pick Looser

Sofa King Retarded4432d ago

nice, i take it you hate logical arguments or your feeble just can't understand anything. i own a ps3 and a 360 but you call me an xbot? you're just a sad person

dukadork4432d ago

what kinda crack you smoking dude??
- sony is not a monopoly, far from it, nintendo is doing very well, there's PC gaming, sony has strong competition in every part of its business
- $400: console prices always go down, that's part of the business model
- owning 95% of PC OS market is not a monopoly? where's your outrage buddy? do you run linux?

nah, you don't cuz you're just another baboon who follows and jumps where he's told to so don't give me no "competition" bullsh!t: you're defending and giving your money to the only monopolistic company here.

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Internet Trolling Ex4432d ago

Theyve lost it,losing to the playstation 2 and playstation 3 made them insane

jif864432d ago

I hope they all burn in hell!

Deadman644432d ago

It really is sad to see what the world is coming to.

NewSchoolGamer4432d ago

this will push them to actually make better software instead of just sitting around counting money.

dro4432d ago

at the end of the day what really matters is money and ms has loads of it... IMO the only time a company is losing it is when the are running out of money/getting bankrupt.
the bosses at ms are still taking private jets to the other side of the world just to get a hair cut!!!

SCThor4432d ago

and focusing on their software division where they do an excelent job.

IaMs124432d ago

Take what they are good at and use it to make the Xbox even better, like what they are doing with the new Dashboard update, its like getting a whole new console. Its MS 2nd round in the console race, they have done really well for being the newest in it. If this was there 3rd time in like SONY i would be a little more dissappointed.

I think SONY is losing it big time as well, in the gaming area that is

really the whole freaking country is losing it with the economy crashing...

andyo134431d ago

good for its first time???

sony whipped ninty's ass with the ps1, they werent even planing to try and take over in the first place.

Microsoft however failed hard against the ps2. this time its doing a little better than the ps3 but its still losing to the wii. (Just cause wii isn't top of the range doesnt mean its not a gaming console so it still counts)

badkolo4431d ago

counting money can take a long time, so in a way i dont blame them, maybe they should hire more money counters.

GametimeUK4431d ago

"Rejected by Yahoo!, outgunned by Google and humiliated by Apple, Microsoft is fighting for its very survival."

It should read

Rejected by Yahoo!, outgunned by Google and humiliated by Apple, pwned by Sony, Microsoft is fighting for its very survival.

Saint Sony4431d ago

"Rejected by Yahoo!".. hehe yeah, maybe... and that was the biggest mistake Yahoo has ever done.

@GametimeUK: Sony can not be mentioned in the same sentence with MS, Yahoo or Google, sorry.

AAACE54431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

@SC Thor... That's just fanboy stupidity!

If MS had have dropped out after the Xbox 1, Sony would have been free to do whatever they wanted to, like charging $1000 for the Ps3!

Keep in mind, Ken Kutaragi said (before they announced a price) that he wanted gamers to have to put in overtime and do odd jobs to buy a Ps3. A stand alone Blu-ray player costed $1000 at first, so I find it hard to believe Sony really wanted to sell the Ps3 for anything less than $1000. But luckily, they were forced to lower the price and take a loss, just to stay competitive.

I swear... most fanboys just seem dumb!

Edit: You do remember Sony came out with a set-top box that played Ps2 games right? If you don't, it was basically a Ps3 without all the Ps3 power, and they were charging... surprise... $1000-$1200 for it!

GametimeUK4431d ago

"Sony can not be mentioned in the same sentence with MS, Yahoo or Google, sorry."

erm... you just did mention them in the same sentence

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Narutone664432d ago

kill XP. It's their lifeline for survival. As for the console, they are in trouble with PS3 outselling them worldwide.

Sofa King Retarded4432d ago

the same can be said about the ps2. its keeping their gaming division alive right now. stop being biased....there are two sides to everything dude

Narutone664431d ago

Sony have psp too. And it's selling well. Microsoft is primarily a software company. They think that they can release a hardware (360)just like a software and patch it. Well it doesn't work that way. Look what happened to their hardware.