The Tech Behind Injustice 2's Facial Animations Is Impressive

Injustice 2 has one of the best facial animations in a video game currently, and that’s saying something since it’s only a fighting game. Recently, the folks at CNET managed to get some behind-the scenes look at how the team at NeatherRealm Studios did the facial animations, and boy is it using some impressive tech.

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zeal0us773d ago

If only EA outsource their animation to NetherRealm Studios for ME:A

PhoenixUp773d ago

Share some of this tech with the devs of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Some of the faces in that game seem very off

fastNslowww773d ago

So its better than the facial animation tech used in L.A Noir?

81BX773d ago

Well I would hope so. LA is a much older game


ABSOLUTELY NOT. Not even close, L.A. Noire was using tech we might not see for a while

InMyOpinion773d ago

Exactly. Not many studios will put the same amount of resources into face capturing as L.A. Noire.

TricksterArrow772d ago

Wasn't the same kind of tech used on Forbidden Siren, for the PS2?

gangsta_red772d ago

Too bad some of the faces look downright horrible...I get the chills every time I have to play against Poison Ivy or Vixen

SubZtx772d ago

Harley Quinn is the best facial animated character I have seen in a game. It is pretty amazing.