10 best video game character designs

The most iconic video game characters to grace our screens.

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Nacho_Z1974d ago

I thought the article was about visual design in which case Master Chief is as generic as it gets and TLOU characters are just Ellen Page and Nathan Drake with a beard. Abe was cool though, there were a lot of interesting designs in that series.

naruga1974d ago

exactly the article is a bit retarded except Abe and maybe Mario choice...... all the others characters are generalistic a f ....i would include Sonic , Crash Bandicoot , bigg boss in MGSV , Raiden in MGS4 , og Dante ....these are some of the best character design ever

Relientk771974d ago

Big Daddy from Bioshock

Frickin awesome

Littil_Devil1967d ago

I love the Oddworld series a whole =)