One new screenshot of Crysis

Crytek today released one new screenshots of their upcoming PC shooter Crysis. It isn't much, but it looks really good.

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Anerythristic265222d ago

10 bucks says this game is considered a flop , after all is said and done.

Rooted_Dust5222d ago

Any reason to back up that flame-bait?

fablex5222d ago

Some people will be dissapointed, too much hype surrounding this.

Anerythristic265222d ago

They have been very secretive almost doing the opposite of hyping it up.

They are only supporting the PC market of which an even smaller percentage of PC users will be able to run this title balls to the wall.

They are shunning the console market. Almost to the point of being insulting.

Rooted_Dust5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

What the PC isn't allowed exclusive games? Devs want to make the best game possible, so they go where the best hardware is. If you want to play it, get a gaming rig.

Rooted_Dust5222d ago

I made this picture my desktop background. Notice that the front tire has been shredded and the passengers are trying to shield themselves. I can't wait for this game.

Marriot VP5222d ago

I would love to play this game on my 360 if it does cross over. But for now there's no freaking way I'm going to get this for my PC. My PC is pretty good but not anywhere near running this game at max.