DarkZero: Crysis Warhead Review

Last November was the release of the highly anticipated Crysis. It turned out to be a game that would be known to make 9 out of 10 PC players shrivel up and weep in a corner, all because their PC gaming systems didn't have enough graphical power to run it on maximum settings. It wasn't just a damn good looking piece of software, underneath those hot lustrous visuals came a game that had the game play to match the looks, especially with Crytek's Nano Muscle Suit ability system, which allowed you to swap the suits special functions on the fly. So a year has gone by and still Crysis is one of the best looking video games to have ever graced the market, but hold on, Crytek aren't finished yet. They are back with a standalone expansion for Crysis, which comes with more action and a graphics engine that is still smoking hot, but is slightly friendlier to the PC user, that can only mean good things for gamers who were sitting in fear at the original's requirements.

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