You Don’t Have To Be Good At Games To Review Them, But You Do Need To Be Familiar With Them

Frank shares his opinion on the "should game journalists be good at video games"

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Bigpappy432d ago

The whole review thing s becoming more and more and more irrelevant to me. It used to be that people who played and love game would get out there and recommend what they like. Now it's people who see opportunity to make themselves known or get some sponsorship. Some are simple fanboy for one system or the other.

Might as well let Patcher tell you what to buy. A guy who couldn't tell the difference between an RPG and a racer.

isarai432d ago

That's still the case, hell there are plenty of really good reviewers, though they're all pretty much on youtube. can't remember the last time i read a good written review

OB1Biker432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

I tend to agree but it's not new and big sites reviewers are no better.
Gamers need to stop giving too much credit to the reviews.
The only domain I feel reviews are still relevant is for VR games because a first hand opinion is needed. Unfortunately we have to bear flawed reviews that need to evolve and help gamers in focusing on the game and people who may enjoy it rather than their need to push a :strong' opinion

rainslacker432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Most reviewers are irrelevant to me nowadays. Even the one's I respect I wouldn't use to make a final decision on a game. I tend to get my games early, so I tend to read reviews after I start playing them, or have at least brought them, so it's more a curiosity for me to see what others have to say, and for the good reviewers, they can sometimes cite things which I may not even notice about a game. Ultimately though, I can decide for myself if a game is good or not, and any random reviewer, even if I respect their opinion, has no bearing on that, nor will it change my own opinion.

If I listened to reviewers, I'd hate most Japanese Otaku style games, because the entire reviewing community decided to make reviews about themselves instead of the games or the target audience last gen. Something that carried over to some degree this gen, as it's more about the reviewer than the game itself....particularly when it's some console war hyped up game.

I think the good reviewers need to start calling out these crap reviewers, and start pointing out why these other people are so bad at their jobs. The whole meaning and point of reviews has been completely debased due to the bad apples.

Big_Game_Hunters432d ago

Only if you want to make a review that has any credibility.

madforaday432d ago

I remember way back in 2002 I believe Socom 1 got reviewed. He liked the SP but when he talked about the MP, he was like, "I don't think many people will give it a try because no one wants to wait around when you die." He was going on how he was dying often and etc. Socom 1 didn't have a respawn game mode to practice. I am sure the people who were killing him were having fun. It is all about the type of the game.

Fishy Fingers432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Most people’s interest in a review ends at the score (usually discrediting anyone with one they don’t like). If that’s your bag and you don’t have a trusted individual/website then use metacritic as it will support a mix of opinions/skill sets.

Personally, if I’m on the fence I talk a friend into buying it first :)

But like anything, you should have a base knowledge/experience of the subject to critique it.

madforaday432d ago

Nowadays you can just go on twitch and you can see all the game play you want.

Gamist2dot0432d ago

My problem with some reviews is that some will rush their reviews for clicks/$$$ and give an unfair score...

If you're reviewing a game you're a not a fan of or unfamiliar with, let the reader know.

awdevoftw432d ago

I was yelling at my computer screen when he took like 5 minutes to jump over the tall block. You should definitely know what you are talking about if you are going to be writing and presenting opinions on a subject.

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