Driving games get serious - Car makers are working with game designers to preview future models

Times Online writes: "Car manufacturers have long seen driving video games as little more than a source of revenue. While they beg Hollywood to use their vehicles in blockbuster films - and in some cases pay millions of dollars for the privilege - when it comes to gaming it's the other way around: games companies must pay royalties for any car featured – as much as £1 for every game sold.

However, that relationship could be changing: a street-racing game, Midnight Club Los Angeles, is set to break new ground when it is released this month by being the first to feature close collaboration with top marques such as Lamborghini, Dodge, Chevrolet and Saleen, the US car customiser."

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Le-mo3789d ago

Polyphony Digital is leading the way.

blu3print3789d ago

even designing their own car, the Gt by Citroen, and also helping with tech, the display in the Nissan GTR.

rushbd3789d ago

GT will bring Lamborghini and Porsche too.

blu3print3789d ago

Lamborghini, which prides itself on cloaking new models in secrecy, has supplied data for its Miura, Gallardo Spyder and Murciélago models. “Video games are part of our brand expansion programme,” says Maria Lucia Lazzarini, licensing manager at Lamborghini.

So why no Lambos in GT yet

Product3789d ago

prolly because lambo like ferrari have their licenses bought out by other companies to use exclusively with their games.
Although what i dont undeerstand is that Audi owns Lambo and Audi is in gt5 so why not Lambo.
Same goes for Fiat the parent company of Ferrari which is also in the game.

Jamaicangmr3789d ago

I don't get how this is new when EVERY GT has had concepts, many before the concepts are shown. GT5 had i think 3 cars unveiled in the game while they where being unveiled at Tokyo Auto Show. They have even taken it few steps farther by designing a car and Citroen actually built it. Am not sure about the who fee thing though.

So yeah whats the big deal here?