The making of Alpha Protocol, Obsidian's secret best RPG

Imagine a glitzy cinematic sequence where you, as a secret agent, fight your way through an aeroplane soaring through the sky. You're pressing button prompts appearing on the screen while your hero whacks, chops, spins and kicks at the baddie in your way. "You fight all the way down until eventually you beat the guy and rip off his parachute and, I don't know, break his neck, and he floats off and you use his parachute to land." Sounds great, like a James Bond or Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne scene, or something from Uncharted 3, which hadn't been made yet.

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Alexious500d ago

Please SEGA, give the green light for a sequel with a decent budget.

SolidGear3500d ago

That'd be nice.. I actually enjoyed this game. It actually had a really deep choice system that truly affected the game based on what decisions you made.

Summons75500d ago

This game was awful. Obsidian apologists sure will defend anything they do no matter how bad it is.

Imalwaysright500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Or maybe some people truly enjoyed the game.

Summons75500d ago

As long as you admit it's terrible. Deadly Premonition is a terrible game but it's fun to play because it's bad. Let's not pretend Alpha Protocol...or any Obsidian games are perfect because they are filled with game breaking bugs 99% of the time.

morganfell500d ago

I could not stand the game. The means of advancement were absurd.

Despite all the issues with Skyrim, here is what it does correctly. How do you get better at One Handed Sword Combat? You continually use a One Handed Sword in Combat.

Now look at Alpha Protocol. How do you gain better firearms skill? Through artful choices during NPC conversations? What? No sense and no connection whatsoever.

Imalwaysright499d ago

Ooh that's not going to happen... I actually enjoyed it. Not a great game but not a bad game either. Oh and Pillars of Eternity is one of the best games I played in the past 10 years and as far as western RPGs go to me its only second to the Witcher 3 this gen

BTW great user pic Kefka is still one of the most badass villains in gaming.

alamberti500d ago

Alpha Protocol wasn't perfect, but still it was a good game. And what's more important it was espionage RPG( you won't see such RPG's often) with choices, which really affected the gameplay and the story.