Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War preview and interview – ‘We want everybody to be happy and to like it’

The sequel to Shadow Of Mordor sees the return of the Nemesis System and a very different take on Lord of the Rings.

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UCForce409d ago

It would be so much better if you haven't put microtransaction in first place. The reason why I hate it because it slow down your progression deeply and earning stuff is feel less rewarding. If you defending this practice, it will turn cosmetic to weapon meaning Pay To Win. Don't get me wrong, I hate paid DLC. But what worst about Microtransaction ? It's a loop which never end and it make people keep buying it.

rpvenom408d ago

I loved Shadow of Mordor and when I initially saw the first trailer for this.. I was so hyped.. I told my friends.. and even encouraged players who haven't played it to try this one... after i came to learn about the microstransactions.. i am now boycotting this game and forbidding all my friends to buy it.. i cannot condone these practices ruining our games..

bluefox755408d ago

Especially the publisher.