Tales of Zestiria Better because of Berseria

Tales of Zestiria, on it's own, is a fair Tales of game. It's certainly not one of the most solid games from the franchise but it's fine. But it's very much enhanced if you take the time to play the prequel, Tales of Berseria.

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FallenAngel1984497d ago

It's great to play them back to back

PhoenixUp497d ago

Tales of Berseria is such a great game, it's a shame that it isn't getting as much recognition as it deserves. I've even seen more sites mention Yakuza 0 more when Berseria was the far more successful game.

"Zestiria was released first of the two games, with Berseria being a sequel game."

That should say prequel, not sequel.

Relientk77496d ago

Tales of Berseria is amazing that and Persona 5 are my 2 favorite games this year

phoenixwing496d ago

I'd recommend just playing tales of berseria and skipping zestiria altogether