Three new Shadowrun screenshots

Today Microsoft and FASA Studio released three new images of their upcoming game Shadowrun.

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XboxKing5217d ago

I don’t believe this game will be as big of a game like Halo 3, but It will be one to consider in picking up. Does any one know when its coming out???

JasonPC360PS3Wii5217d ago

fill in that nice little multiplayer space while waiting for Halo, UT, Huxley, or the next Battlefield. If they could just up the player count to say 30 and have domination, war, post grab or spawn control style gameplay with vehicles as downloadable content. Imagine a vehicles alt fire using magic with class load outs as another option to what they already have, I mean this game has no single player so they need to give us as much multiplayer as possible.

UrbanJabroni5217d ago

Do you mean no single player as in the content is weak or no single player as in _no_ single player content, Counterstrike style.

Because if it is the latter, I am suddenly very uninterested in the game.

fablex5217d ago

Singleplayer as in only a tutorial i thought.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5216d ago

No single player content at all other then the tutorial.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5217d ago

this game is going to be very addictive. Live Anywhere + X-box 360 = kill'in some PC folks!BU-YAA

FirstknighT5216d ago

Oh this game look like alot of fun! But finally we get to find out who is superior...Keyboard??? or game controller??? Let the wars begin!!

Funky Town_TX5216d ago

They should stop wasting money on stuff like this. This is a shame. After playing GOW and Rainbow Six vegas this looks like crap. GOW set the bar high, WTF is this.