CD Projekt Very Pleased With Gwent's Performance on PS4

Gwent was launched on PS4 last, but apparently the game is doing very well on the platform, according to a recent report from CD Projekt RED.

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Nodoze405d ago

Um this is a card game....what am I missing?

Abriael404d ago

Probably reading the article is what you're missing.

xX-oldboy-Xx404d ago

sales performance - maybe?

CorndogBurglar404d ago

What does it matter what kind of game it is? They are simply saying that they are pleased with its commercial success on PS4. So what if its a card game? Would it make more sense for a company to say this if they were talking about an RPG? Or a shooter? No. Every company wants all of their games to do well, regardless of the genre.

It really isn't difficult to understand and the article is pretty clear.

bluefox755404d ago

Pretty sure they mean "it's doing well", not "it's running well".

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