L.A Noire Boxart For PS4 And Xbox One Confirm UHD Support, Slightly Expensive On Switch

Rockstar Games has recently revealed that L.A Noire is coming to 4 different platforms.

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BrettAwesome1313d ago

What is that dot? Like a tiny little turd??

PhoenixUp1314d ago

What? The Switch version is going to be the
most expensive edition?

That's a setback in my opinion

NotoriousWhiz1314d ago

Most expensive with none of the graphical upgrades... And they wonder why their games don't sell on Nintendo.

1314d ago
scarface01211314d ago

Wow cause graphical upgrades is all that matters. Let's just ignore all the extra features that the switch is getting that the ps4 and xbox one ain't.
Typical fanboy mentallity.

Gemmol1313d ago

But you left out it have all gameplay upgrades taking advantage of switch controls

mcstorm1313d ago

Love keyboard worriors if you don't like it don't buy it simple.

Bronxs151313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

This is what pretty much happens. People don't buy 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms. Cus there is always some kinda bs. Like it cost more comes out years late is missing modes etc.

And people can do both. Voice their dissatisfaction and not buy it.

freshslicepizza1313d ago

NintendoTax strikes again, this time paying extra for the more expensice SD cards and touch controls. I also imagine because it's the first time on a Nintendo platform.

prankster1011313d ago

Nintendo have a history of making their console games be more expensive than the competition. The proprietary cartridge format and different hardware configuration doesn't help.

When you can buy games on PS4 for around £15-20 brand new, and yet a 4 year old re-release like MK8 costs £40, you know something's wrong.

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NotoriousWhiz1313d ago

After reading the article, the price hike is for the cartridge. All digital copies are priced at $40.

bouzebbal1314d ago

looking forward to seeing how switch version stacks up against PS3/360.
the price is ridiculous, but switch fanboys must be happy for this huh?

Neonridr1314d ago

well it's another game isn't it? I never played the game before.. so it's an option for me at least.

CBaoth1314d ago

no neon it isn't. That's the problem. It's literally the worst Rockstar game they've published; a real borefest. It sold well but didn't recoup the cost to buy it from Sony. Hence the remaster...

Neonridr1314d ago

@CBaoth - yes but it's not like it's only releasing on Switch as a desperate attempt. They are releasing it across the board. And just because it's been released previously on other consoles doesn't mean it's a knock against Nintendo. Rockstar hasn't supported Nintendo in a long time. So it's nice to see they are at least testing the waters a little. Maybe Switch owners will see a GTA V port in the near future then.. who knows.

bouzebbal1314d ago

Are you buying the interior version which is the most expensive ???
What's wrong with you people ???

Neonridr1314d ago

@bouzebbal - maybe.. I play my Switch more away from the dock anyways (work, bed, etc). So it would probably get a lot more play than on my PS4.

Jon_Targaryen1313d ago

Another reason BC is important. This is getting out of hand, for every decent new IP there is like 15 remasters!!!

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Prince_TFK1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

I own a Switch, but why do I happy to pay more for a game that cost less on other platforms? If you meant to say that Switch owners are happy that this game come out on Switch, then I agree. It shows a sign that third party devs are starting to get interested in the Switch, which only means good things from now on.

I personally had never completed LA Noire, so I will gladly double dip on either my PS4 or the Switch. Higher graphic fidelity or portable. Decision decision decision.

1314d ago
rainslacker1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Switch has the potential to sell fewer copies even if priced the same due to install base. The cost of the media is also more expensive due to not using optical media, and the fact they won't get the same economies of scale since they won't produce the same number of copies.

The higher cost is likely what it is because of these two factors. Demand and production costs.

The publisher has to be able to recoup the cost to port to the Switch, and to do that, they deem they have to sell it for more.

Sometimes the perception that it's done out of spite or trying to take advantage of something is wrong, and the real world costs have to be accounted for, and if it costs more, they can make more money selling fewer copies.

On the bright side though, the Switch version is likely to retain it's value for a long time compared to the more ubiquitous PS4 or X1 versions.

Erik73571314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Oh it'll easily shoot past the ps3/360 without a doubt, it will be interesting see how it stacks up against ps4/Xbox one as it's a portable.

septemberindecember1314d ago

"Are you buying the interior version which is the most expensive ???
What's wrong with you people ???"

Portability makes it the superior version for some. You should understand that your viewpoint isn't the only viewpoint out there. Some people have different priorities.

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PCgamer981314d ago ShowReplies(2)
FallenAngel19841314d ago

How many people are actually willing to pay more just to get this on NS?

The cons of cartridges strikes again

Neonridr1314d ago

depends.. I never played this game before. Not saying this is a game that lends well to being portable. But it's a choice I get to have at least.

XabiDaChosenOne1314d ago

Your about as triggered as all hell in these comments 😂😂😂 relax bro.

Neonridr1314d ago

@Xabi - ?? really, my comment above is pretty neutral. I just find it hilarious how people complain because the Switch has no games, but then a game comes along and people question why anyone would play it on the Switch.

xPhearR3dx1313d ago

Don't listen to the trolls. It's a niche game for sure, and I totally understand why people won't like it. But if you like playing detective, interacting with people, reading their emotions and solving mysteries, it's a fantastic game. I've bought on 360, PC and I plan on buying it for my Switch. PS4 would be pointless for me since I own the PC version, but at least Switch is portable and has some nice extra little Switch features.

People hating on the Switch that don't own one, are really missing out on good fun in general. Especially if you have friends (in real life) that also own a Switch. Makes for some good get togethers for some silly fun.

Bronxs151313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

People hating on switch, period. Whether it has games or not. Maybe Switch has mass market appeal. but the core gaming market (like the guys and gals here on n4g, people who read gaming websites, follow the news, watch game trailers on YouTube etc ) wanted the next true home console from Nintendo. Not a portable hybrid. Of course it's not 100% and everyone. I mean you're a core gamer here on the n4g community and you like the switch. But you're definitely in the minority'here.

Also core gamers are not looking to have silly fun like playing twister in the after school program like kids. They want deep gaming experiences that are both fun and engrossing. Like horizon zero dawn and the witcher for example.

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Profchaos1314d ago

If I owned a switch I would since it's slim pickings

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