The Witcher 3 was 10 times more successful than anything CD Projekt had done before

"Turns out The Witcher 3 was quite the financial success for CD Projekt Red. That in itself is no real surprise, but the impact the game had on the studio’s revenues, announced in their latest financial report, is pretty striking."By Ali Jones

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CrimsonWing69405d ago

well it was also 10 times better than anything they've done before.

Really looking forward to CyberPunk!

Fearmonkey405d ago

It's interesting that they said that Geralt's story is a Trilogy, release Witcher 3, which is far more successful than any game they previously finished, and then move on to another non Witcher title, when the smart move would be to make another Geralt game because of that success. I get that that they are tired after 10 years of making Witcher games and would like to make something new, but Cyberpunk isnt a huge money making genre compared to Fantasy, and might not be as big a draw for players. I would love to see a Ciri, Vesemir, or early Witcher history game following Cyberpunk.