Another 19 PS4 games join PlayStation Now today

PlayStation Blog Europe: "As the summer months fade away and Europe heads into autumn, we thought it’d be right and proper to throw 19 PS4 games your way to enjoy while you’re avoiding the cold. This month’s action-packed bundle of hits will keep you entertained for hours."

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gangsta_red1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Good to see Sony still adding games to their service.

Waiting for SNK to add Metal Slug to current toasters.

S2Killinit1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Troll much?

Kiwi661427d ago

So Sony aren't putting more games on PS Now which is a service ?

AnubisG1428d ago

Gaming services soon will replace hardware....damn it. I will not like that future but as tech improves, internet speeds become faster, all they will need to sell is a controller...

It will come sadly. But hopefully not in the next 20-30 years.

kevnb1428d ago

Certainly not soon, maybe someday.

freshslicepizza1428d ago

Well they still sell Music CD and even vinyl is making a bit of a comeback so it will be awhile before digital replaces physical. You also need to see the upside of digital. Nintendo on the other hand are definitely making it a harder sell with the expense for cartidges.

AnubisG1428d ago

I agree with most of what you said Moldy however the last part is not clear. Nintendo does not have cartidges now. They have SD cards no? Or what did you mean?

freshslicepizza1427d ago

yes, that's what I meant. SD cards but as I said they are more expensive and the larger they are the more it will cost publishers which of course tranfers over to consumers.

EatCrow1428d ago

Sad to see sony at the forefront of gaming as a service.

Godmars2901428d ago

Destiny 2 says hi?

That's what the industry is moving towards.

EatCrow1428d ago

Destiny 2? How so?
The atrocious dlc and microtransactions are apart from the topic of games as a service. Games being plural not singular.

Godmars2901428d ago

Be it dlc or subscription based streaming how is it not the same thing? Be it continued required or "optional" payments post single purchase of a game or purely "optional" payments for a free game, what's the difference? The issue is between those very differences as publishers try to justify charges. Make games a service.

EatCrow1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

As long as the service is optional for gaming i can manage. When it becomes a service thats the problem.

Takwin1428d ago

Persistent worlds and required internet connection are the absolute future for the vast majority of games.

Death1428d ago

It's funny how people see the optional removal of buyers rights being "ok". This is the future of Sony games. They wouldn't have investing hundreds of millions if this wasn't the direction they were going.

gangsta_red1428d ago

It is definitely the eventual future as you can see every media service going this route in some way, shape or form.

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Rangerman12081428d ago

Pretty 'meh' list to be honest. Also, I just can't believe the fact that Akiba's Beat is the only 2017 PS4 game that got released first on PS Now. I guess Acquire was just desperate, considering that the game was flop, though I don't think PS Now is gonna help it.

Rangerman12081428d ago

Wow, 3 dislikes? I guess there are people out there who are still interested on playing Akiba's Beat, when they can just play other better RPGs like Persona or Tales of Berseria.

Espangerish1428d ago

I can't really see the value of psnow on a big screen tv as the size of the image shows all the flaws and pixellations up really horribly. If you have a PS4 console under the tv you may as well run games on it as they will be less laggy and look better.

Personally i feel this service makes most sense for tablets and handhelds where a smaller image size and portability give it a reason to be useful.

crazyCoconuts1428d ago

Agreed, and why they don't have Android / iOS PS Now apps (and killed the Vita app) is a mystery to me.

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