We Happy Few Price Hike Not Caused By Gearbox

The recent price hike for We Happy Few was met with disdain by those who were interested in the Early Access title from Compulsion Games when it rose from $29.99 to $50.99. Although a price increase was always planned for the game, since Gearbox’s involvement in the scope of the game, fans quickly turned the blame on Gearbox.

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FallenAngel1984432d ago

In a one fell swoop, We Happy Few had angered them angry many consumers

Chevalier431d ago

And there were a happy few.....

freshslicepizza430d ago

Sounds awfully familiar with what happened with Ark. After early access they release a bigger title with more content so it's no wonder they want more money.

1nsomniac430d ago

Come on people! You have to be really dense to believe that this is not Gearbox & Randy Pitchford up to their usual tricks again.

If you still support them in anyway, you're a mug!


Randy could tell me himself (in person) and I wouldn't believe him. I have no respect for for someone who can/has lied so easily before... Hell, he's never shown any sympathy.

Cannot trust him. Won't trust him.

CrimsonWing69430d ago

you expect us to believe the publisher didn't do this!? If not then they should've stepped in and said hell no. So, either way I blame both parties.