Hi-Def DVD Security AACS Is Bypassed.

The encryption on high-definition DVDs has been bypassed, the consortium backing the copy protection system on discs has confirmed.

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DG5223d ago

HD Bootlegs here they come...all in due time.

MicroGamer5223d ago

only until a new file compression technology comes along. Spurred by the spread of high definition content, I am sure someone is hard at work looking for a way to compress the file to the point where it can be downloaded in only a few minutes. File size doesn't mean anything, though, because traditional piracy methods of distributing on physical media still exist.

Silvia0075223d ago

Its bound to happen and most of the time, it happens sooner then later. It's just sad really, the never ending cycle. Oh well, sucks to be hollywood... or not, they are rich after all.

DeathNote15222d ago

I remember when blu-ray discs got dumped/hacked, and xbots criticized the format so horribly.

And now when hd-dvd suffers the same fate.
"Due time"

frostbite065222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Yah but hd-dvd has better movies so of course people want to find ways to hack them. Blu-ray just got hacked cause it was easy