Killer Instinct will offer cross play between Steam and Xbox

Hey Killer Instinct family, we hope you’re just as excited for the 3.9 release as we are! When you download the latest Killer Instinct Content Update, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll undoubtedly notice something peculiar, so we wanted to give you a heads up at what’s to come before you spotted it in the wild. Tucked away in this CU is a switch that will enable certain feature you’ve all been clamoring for, and that feature is indeed cross-play!

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slavish0408d ago

This is how games need to be. This is why this game will continue to be played for sooo long.

steveo123456408d ago

yep, didn't know it was on steam til today, i'll be playing this tonight I reckon!

thekhurg407d ago

More MS titles need to come to steam. Windows Store is junky.

Eonjay407d ago

Likewise I might give it a try as well. I don't see any reason why Microsoft shouldn't put its PC games on Steam anyway. Their store is lacking as everyone knows and there is so much money t be made on Steam.

406d ago
freshslicepizza408d ago

Looks like Microsoft is moving towards getting crossplay on more devices and more onl;ine services.

Kribwalker408d ago

More crossplay with steam is totally welcome. Soon windows 10,steam, Xbox and switch will be able to play together more and more i feel

steveo123456408d ago

I hope so. MS need to embrace Steam rather than try and compete against it with its Store. Do that and they'll get a lot more respect

ThanatosDMC407d ago

Yeah, but I think there biggest hurdle is that they wont be able to charge for XBox Live anymore.

ILostMyMind407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

But not much money. Microsoft is trying to sell an idea and is making concessions but the goal is not to support Steam, but to tear it down in the future.

steveo123456408d ago

Now MS, release Forza Horizon 3 and the rest of the library on Steam (at steam prices with cross play) and you got me.... and might get a decent foothold in pc gaming

Eonjay407d ago

Agreed. Just thinking of the profit to be made there is no reason not to support Steam.

WhyHate407d ago

Microsoft, it's the company that continues to innovate.

FITgamer407d ago

There's nothing innovative about cross-play. It's been thing for years. Long before Microsoft decided to get on board.

travestyj407d ago

Playstation has been doing cross play with steam for years. Microsoft even refused it with portal 2 on PS3 and steam.

Unreal01407d ago

Shhhh. Don't come around here with those facts. Let the Microsoft fans have their moment 😂

343_Guilty_Spark407d ago

You keep bringing up old shit. What is Sony doing now?

gamer7804407d ago

but they haven't done its with other console manufacturers like Microsoft is doing with Switch using their own first party game minecraft. I can't think of another time this has been done with a first party title.

travestyj407d ago

Sony was open to it last gen but Microsoft said no, that's why Portal was cross play with PS3 and Steam, same goes for FFXIV. Why would Sony help MS when they were douches last gen? It's Microsoft's fault there's no cross play between PS and Xbox. They're only doing it now because they want access to PS4 players which there are a lot more of.

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BlaqMagiq1407d ago

Copying what someone else did is innovation?

2pacalypsenow407d ago

Cross play has been around since the Ps2 days lol

freshslicepizza407d ago

Lucky for you Playstation is still doing crossplay like they have during the PS2 days and haven't evolved. Meanwhile the rest of the world is moving forward.

2pacalypsenow407d ago

Yeah and no one cares, but a select few. Just like BC people will forget and find something else the PS4 doesn't do, and talk about how great it is.

No one cares when portal was crossplay with PS3, but not it's everyone's most requested feature 🤷🏻‍♂️

freshslicepizza406d ago

"Yeah and no one cares, but a select few. Just like BC people will forget and find something else the PS4 doesn't do, and talk about how great it is."

And yet here you are trying to defend how Sony has always been there doing it since the PS2. So if Sony has always done it then obviously someone cares. I also find it totally hilarious and awfully convenient how the PS2 days people praised BC and Sony used that as a selling feature but now all of the sudden nobody cares even though it's still one of the most requested features on the official Playstation forums for future features. If nobody cares about that then why did Sony bother with Playstation Now?

"No one cares when portal was crossplay with PS3, but not it's everyone's most requested feature"

Sure they did,

So again I will say, if nobody cared then they wouldn't announce it. You guys trying to put out the flames that nobody cares now is all just to deflect. You care, that's why you're here.

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