1080p Screenshots of WipEoutHD

Screenshots of WipEoutHD

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Killjoy30003789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Daaamn, that looks good!!

Internet Trolling Ex3789d ago

Thanks to the Cell Processor and RSX Graphics chip,99% of Sony developed games look phenomenal

nbsmatambo3789d ago

i might just be convinced to finally buy this game

sonarus3789d ago

:( I miss my PS3. Just when i was loving wipeout PS3 goes and dies:( not fair. I guess i have gears and halo to play till then...or until i get Ninja Gaiden 2

rushbd3789d ago

I wanna cry. :[ we cant use international credit cards here in bangladesh :( Please will anyone share this game with me :( :(
I have LBP beta in my download history list ;)

Tarasque3789d ago

This game owns in everyway, graphics, gameplay. And just for 20 bucks it is a steal.

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Liquid Dust3789d ago

I love a good face melting every now and then. Visuals knock my socks off.

AG-Systems, Assegai, and Icarus FTW

slymaddox3789d ago

It's sad that there can even be topics on this website saying anything bad about PS3 graphics. This game looks insane. I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying this game before the weekends over.

I Make Stuff Up3789d ago

But you'll never see those people in these threads admitting they're wrong. Nope.

Anyway, I was checking out the pending news a little earlier and saw this. After looking at those pics, i decided to buy the game...downloading as i type this.