PS3 "sometimes horrific, sometimes beautiful"

Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory is generally pleased with the PlayStation 3 but admits it can be "an interesting ride" to develop for.

"The PS3 hardware is a bit like a journey into the Marianas trench," said Mike Ball, co-founder of Ninja Theory, speaking to Eurogamer. "There's lots to explore and the deeper you get the more varied the life forms - sometimes horrific, sometimes beautiful."

He added: "Personally I really love the SPUs as they have exceeded our performance expectations and we've got a lot of them to play with."

The comments come after Wednesday night's announcement that the PS3 will launch across Europe on 23rd March at a GBP 425 price-point.

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THAMMER15224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

And I want the PS3 to make me exited about its games. We still have full year but Sony has one [email protected] of a trench to climb out of.

Now I have seen allot of these developers trying to protect their investments into the PS3. I’ve seen more of this PR crap then great game play footage and articles about how much the new games will blow your mind.

THE TRUTH5224d ago

Check these out!

LAIR is one game I just can't wait to play, Factor 5 is an absolute powerhouse developer.

Heavenly Sword, White Knight Story, LAIR, Motorstorm Are games I HAVE TO PLAY

TheMART5224d ago

Sometimes beautifull, sometimes horrific?

I am just enjoying a console that always has the most beautifull multiplatform games and the most beautifull exclusives.

Juevani5223d ago

yeah, for how long?? 10 min. hahahaha

joemutt5223d ago

Here they are just for you Juvenai,

Overall Game of the Year
Console Game of the Year
Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
Outstanding Achievement in Animation
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
Outstanding Character Performance - Male
Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering
Outstanding Achievement in Online Game Play
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
Action/Adventure Game of the Year

TheMART5223d ago

Raist, even that tank of fish is better then most of the PS3 games

Get that big giant crab on it's back mate!

Genji shown @ E3 oh it would be so great, right?

What's the only game you play fanboys? Resistance, right? What else? Nothing more, right. Wait Beyond for future games I guess

You pay for potential and urm.... This is waiting!

Raist5223d ago

You don't seem to have any sense of humor :/

I blame your extreme fanboyism.
Do you have dreams where Bill Gates is nude and whispering your name or something ?

Sphinx5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

I can't believe Juevani wasted his one little bubble on, "yeah, for how long?? 10 min. hahahaha". Joemutt, nice turn around on that one, quick witted.
I love my 360 as much as the next guy, but I'm one of those people who want it all. I want choices, I want to be able to walk into a GameStop and be able to look at the entire store. I want to be able to look at the Wii section and think, "I think I'll enjoy Excite Truck, I'll see if I can trick my wife into getting it, so I can get this game over here in the 360 section." Then walk over to the 360 section and pick up Lost Planet. Then walk over to the DS section and look at the new releases, "Zelda: Phantom Hourglass looks promising", and then over to the PS3 section, and decide to preorder Lair, White Knight Story, etc. However, I still don't have enough reasons to buy a PS3. Much like THAMMER, my wife would go nuts if I brought one home. She knows I'll eventually want one, but it will take seeing me get all pouty lipped as I point out games I want to play that aren't out on the 360 (like the games I mentioned previously). One time won't do it, I'll have to act sad that I don't have a PS3 for a long time, then maybe, just maybe, she'll let me get one. Until then, and until there are any games to pout about, I'll have to walk by that PS3 section.

EDIT: Raist, where did you find that pic? That looks pretty cool, actually. lol Would it be like on of those screen savers? If so, I'd actually buy it, my cats would go nuts :)

MicroGamer5223d ago

That game is Japan only. The Japanese buy weird stuff like that. It will probably be a best seller there.

Harry5223d ago

I have to agree. Xbox 360 is the far more logical choice when buying a console.

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THAMMER15223d ago

I'm not nor have I ever been a PS3 hater. I have seen the footage and all the scans and screens you can throw at me. The bottom line is as a gamer I’m not impressed yet. You truth are a brand loyalist. You have your mind cemented on Sony’s way or no way. I’m not here to convert you either. I just am more impressed with super hot games not the console it’s self. The best thing you have ever said is. “Heavenly Sword, White Knight Story, LAIR, Motorstorm Are games I HAVE TO PLAY “Because it refers to you. I have read many articles and seen many screens on those games. But I still am not moved to the point where $600.00 is worth it. If you are then awesome.

Antan5223d ago

Good points raised Tham! The biggest thing is as always playing something 1st hand. No amount of vids, scans, maazines can alter you perception of a game until you play it physically!!!! Though ive seen enough of Motorstorm already to have a good idea of what to expect. And no, 425 pounds is not worth it as a games machine, but as a Blue Ray player thrown in (or vice versa)?

PS3alltheway5223d ago

u do know that $600 is not just a console that play games,and also ders a $500 ver.

$600 u get what Bluray cost alone$999 built in Wifi , charger USB ,slot memory card, Web browser, also u can install free linux man thats a steal right der.

if u think its to expensive buy $500 ain't that f4cking easy.

Games 1st off all with have diferent taste of game 4 me i like RPG,FPS,MGS4, its all up to u decide .

THAMMER15223d ago

WTF DUH. Every one knows that. We have all known that since E3 2006. And you said better than I could ever say it.

And I quote you:
"Games 1st off all with have different taste of game 4 me i like RPG,FPS,MGS4, its all up to u decide."

And all of those types of games are available on the 360 right now. I have not bought a HD DVD add-on yet because that means nothing to me right now. All I want is games. 2009 – 10 will tell us which HD movie format is the best choice. Being cornered by my games console is not my idea of choice.

Try harder next time young one. The point is gamers need games. We all want new consoles that deliver a great experience. But really $600.00. No body but my wife has me by the ballz that tight.

xfrgtr5223d ago

Excellent news for the ps3

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