Oh, The Horror: You Can Now Play Resident Evil On The Sega Genesis

Russian Resident Evil fans bring 16-bit scares to the Sega Genesis. You can play through a portion of the iconic Spencer Estate in the newly-released demo.

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derkasan405d ago

Seems to have made the transition pretty well.

dead_pixels405d ago

I just wish they didn't randomly decide to have Claire as the playable character. Still, it's a neat proof of concept and I hope the project is completed eventually.

VenumSnakeRising405d ago

made an account JUST TO SAY HOW SICK THIS IS!

dead_pixels405d ago

Honestly, I'm a sucker for seeing games like this deconstructed and brought to inferior hardware from their original releases just to see how faithful a job the developer can do. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to garbage like Resident Evil 2 on the Game.Com lol. :D

Darkwatchman405d ago

the RE 2 prototype on GBA was really really impressive

VenumSnakeRising405d ago

I know right, give me some item boxes, puzzles and I'm set

S-Word405d ago

Still better than RE7.

VenumSnakeRising405d ago

? what? Resident Evil 7 is one of the best Resident Evil games since Resident Evil 4, I'll say its actually better then Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 as I don't even see those as real Resident Evil games, simply action games called "Resident Evil".

strayanalog405d ago

This is pretty cool, though the gameplay that I saw looked like Claire was roller skating instead of walking, but cool nevertheless.

gangsta_red405d ago

I would love to see a trend where companies remade their games but in retro fashion like this here.

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