Gemei's A320 PMP borrows Sony's button symbols, forgets to say "thanks"

Darren Murph writes:

"Look, we'll be honest -- Gemei's PMPs are among the few developed entirely in China that are actually worth a glance, and yes, we're digging the overall sleekness of the A320."

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Internet Trolling Ex3785d ago

But they havent said thanks yet

Killjoy30003785d ago

The most iconic face buttons in the industry, and these amateurs have the balls to rip it off. I don't like it.

Fruit Loops3785d ago

and some people dont have their manners :P

dj_funky3785d ago

"that was collllld bloooooded."

Time_Is_On_My_Side3785d ago

The controllers are very similar right down to the point of the bottons, symbols, and colours of the Dreamcast's. Did they say thanks, lol?