Ripping off the veil: The mysterious PS3 hardware scaler exposed

Since its launch last November, Sony's latest gaming platform has given early adopters trouble when attempting to play certain titles in 1080i/p. The console did not automatically upscale its video output to desired resolutions; it was up to either the game software to support these resolutions natively or the internal scalers of users' HDTVs. This forced many people, developers and owners alike, to question the very existence of scaling hardware in the PlayStation 3.

Worse, it created a sour taste in the mouths of owners of older CRT-based HDTV sets, many of which are not capable of accepting a 720p signal at all, and thus only capable of displaying 480i/p and 1080i video signals. If they wanted to run their games in HD resolution, the solution for these disgruntled owners until now was to hope that developers would release their games with 1080i/p support --not a walk in the park for the developer-- or, simply, to buy a new HDTV. As one can imagine, the latter was not the most well-received solution in the history of CE devices.

The key words in that last paragraph would be "until now," because with the latest PlayStation 3 software development kit (SDK) update, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has finally exposed part of the built-in hardware scaler to developers.

Will this mean that most, if not all, future games will support output at 1080p/i resolutions? Moreover --and this is the question that owners of 1080i-only CRT HDTVs crave to see answered--does this mean that current PS3 games may eventually support the native HD resolution of their televisions? Well, the answer requires some good old-fashioned explanation. Read on for more info...

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Raiyel5219d ago

"At least now we can say with confidence that it does indeed exist."


ready, set, eat your words xbots! oh, you didn't think sony would be THAT dumb did you?

hardwood20015219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

This still does not look good at all for reasons being that if you have to use the "RSX" to upscale your games on top of producing the game's original graphics, then you are taking more power away from the "RSX". It is not a complete "FIX" without any trade off.
Bottom line if a developer wants their ps3 games to try and compete with nvidia, ATI(AMD) and the Xbox 360's NEW-gen graphic cards, then this is best avoided.
I think this is the reason why sony hasn't made this mandatory after the SDK update.

hardwood20015219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

continue: that and adding to the development time of their games.

It does seem like Gabe Newell and otherS were right about the ps3...

By the way if you disagree with my comment then please feel free to post your "LOGICAL" reasoning. With the exception of "DJ" because he has lost a lot of credit ability on this site, during these pass few days if not weeks.

hardwood20015219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

sorry for reposting

THE TRUTH5219d ago

I don't see why anyone can say Sony's PS3 has failed...... It's crazy to think that after 2 months on the market, that we already have certain fanboys screaming on there rooftops "THE WAR IS OVER"

Everyone seems to be fine with giving MS and the 360 a year to get it's stuff together, but these same people act as if Sony (who has pushed the technology in this Gen's console farther than any of the other two console makers) is supposed to hit the ground sprinting!

I say patients people let's give the PS3 a chance before we rip it to shreds. Sony is already providing a overly impressive Launch line up for Europe and PAL regions so obviously they do know what they are doing.

Relax and enjoy this new generation of games GAME ON GAMERS

joemutt5219d ago

All the Sonybots were yelling "first to 10 mill wins"

That was a long time ago, and now that MS did it first, they dont say it anymore, I wonder why.

eques judicii5219d ago

Sony put a scaler in there. But there seems to be one main difference between the 360 scaler and the ps3 scaler. the 360 scaler works by itself. so, if the developer makes a game that supports 720p they don't have to write additional code in order for the 360 to scale it up to 1080p. however, since sony did not put this into their operating system, developers have to code for the scaler themselves because it is (right now) only a horizontal scaler.

I do wonder why this was not put into the ps3 prior to launch.

Very few people are saying the war is over, truth, but sony is between a rock and a hard place as people clamour over the wii. The wii stole sony's thunder and this next christmas they are going to need something to combat Halo 3.

Its not that the ps3 can't make a comeback to first place, but that it is very far behind and losing ground to nintendo and microsoft daily. With better games they definitely have the ability... but remember, just like with the dreamcast and the original xbox, raw power doesn't necessarily win the console war, games do.

Raist5219d ago

Why the ANA chip wasn't unlocked from the beggining in the 360 ?

Fanboys are gay5219d ago

hey 3.1 the ANA chip was working from day 1 it was just restricted not to output 1080p

Shadow Flare5219d ago

Duh...the uh, the title should be uh..."Ripping off the customer" instead. Huh huh. I am genius i am

GaMr-5219d ago

@ #4. You seem to have the microsoft fanboys down to a science on here. ahahahaha it is true though. Somones going to do it. Garunteed. lmfao ahahah

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