How Knack Became The Internet's Favorite Punchline

"Knack was a Playstation 4 launch game and it wasn’t great. If you don’t get why Knack 2 is a persistent internet joke, that’s it. The entire joke is that Knack wasn’t much fun, and somehow there’s a Knack II. Turns out the sequel is actually pretty okay, and maybe even kind of fun. All that means for internet denizens is more Knack II jokes."By Gita Jackson

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OB1Biker460d ago

'pretty okay, and maybe even kind of fun'
When bias generates ridiculous sentences.

UCForce460d ago

Well, it was a joke meme made by VideoGameDunkey who is popular YouTuber. I find that joke is overuse and cringe. I'm being serious here. When Knack 2 announced at PSX 2016, I did glad the sequel got another chance to improve itself and it did. As PlayStation Loyalist myself, do I believe Knack 2 going to be GOTY ( by VideoGameDunkey fake hype )? No, it won't be. But it did major improvements than last one which I'm glad to see it. And about Knack meme, I'm just get over with it.

OB1Biker460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

There s been jokes about many games. Even only counting this gen Knack, the Order, Ryse, QB, ,NMS, mainly exclusives games (interestingly) but also some multiplatform
People are free to express themselves but when it comes from the media its a bit like spiting in their own soup so to speak.
They are only games which can't please everyone but the hate disguised as jokes is only hurting/punishing gamers who enjoy playing these games.

Deep-throat460d ago

offtopic: Bro why you're a PlayStation loyalist in the first place?

You should be a fan, don't be loyal to a brand. You're just a dollar sign to Sony...

UCForce460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

@Deep-throat Do you want me to lie myself or being honest ? Yes, I'm PlayStation Loyalist but I'm not crazy like others. I know Sony isn't perfect brand and they made a lot of mistakes, but I always confront Sony to do better. What about you, Deep-Throat ? You said it to yourself that you are true gamer. But all I see you are loyal to PC and Microsoft and completely hate Sony nonstop without one positive. Me ? Microsoft, Nintendo and PC are not my type, but I do respect their choice and their reputation.

Frinker460d ago Show
Deep-throat459d ago

Bro I can't be loyal to PC because it isn't a brand. On my PC I have Steam, Xbox app, Origin and others. I'm not loyal to any! The only Xbox console I own is the 360, so I'm not a big fan of MS as you might think.

UCForce459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

@Deep-Thoart I'm not convinced by your word. Because your attitude caused my trust issues on you in the past. It is very deep. I'm a gamer and a PlayStation Loyalist, but I do have my respect and honor to others.

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Erik7357460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Bias as in they are giving it to much credit right? Like I'm seriously thinking that and knack 2 honestly is another pile of garbage to the collection and I think saying its kinda fun is almost pushing it myself

OB1Biker460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

No that's just your opinion. You have to admit the phrase is unrealistic.
Pretty OK? Would you ever say that? Either you like or you don't or you think its OK. Pretty ok seems to imply there s a bias to start with.
Maybe even kind of fun?
Same. Would you ever say that? You d say its fun or not fun or its maybe fun. But maybe even kinda fun is obviously implying bias to start with.

bluefox755460d ago

Oh, you've played it, have you?

UCForce460d ago

You hate HZD non stop. At first, I thought it was your opinion, but later on you completely hate it by repeating it again and again. It isn't your opinion anymore. More like vendetta.

Silly gameAr460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Luckily when it comes to anything Playstation, no one takes your opinions seriously.

Gitgud459d ago


you just jelly you can't play it.

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Erik7357460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I think he says its pretty okay so he doesn't trigger the sony fanboys , its a nice way of saying it sucks

trooper_460d ago

Did you play it?


Saying it sucks without playing it is your biased perspective.

Erik7357460d ago

But got a knack for great games bro

UCForce460d ago

What about Horizon Zero Dawn ? That game you hated non stop. Knack 2 isn't going to win GOTY surely, but I'm sure Knack 2 better than Knack 1. For example, Sniper Elite 4 is better than SE 3 especially they improved the animation, gunplay and a lot of options.

UCForce460d ago

And @Frinker, you always being joke especially that attitude of your. You are unprofessional and predictable at the same time.

IamTylerDurden1459d ago

Knack 2 is getting pretty good reviews actually. It's a solid game with vastly improved combat and gameplay.

subtenko459d ago

Or simple they want to write something just to write something and hope it makes sense

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PhoenixUp460d ago

Hasn't it always been that way? It's not even on par with Tomba

phoenixwing460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

tomba is awesome though o.o Or at least it was when i first played it on the ps1

PhoenixUp459d ago

Of course Tomba is awesome. My point is that history will hold Tomba in a far higher regard than Knack

phoenixwing454d ago

Ok. Just the way you worded made it easy to interpret it as tomba being bad or a low quality setter.

PhoenixUp454d ago

I was trying to word it in a way that while Tomba was an underrated gem, Knack is less so

Erik7357460d ago Show
bluefox755460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Oh, it's Kotaku. Here's the thing, Knack is important, especially the second one. It's a $40 game, and along with games like Hellblade, it represents a glimmer of light for the once thought to be dead "middle market". Yeah, it's not GOTY, but it's fun and a substantial product for the price tag. I for one, welcome the return of these "AA" games at cheaper prices.

Erik7357460d ago

It's important like Super Mario Run important I know KNACK 2 BABY

freshslicepizza460d ago

Give Sony credit, not many would stand behind a product that averaged 54 on Metacritic.

UCForce459d ago

@Erik7357 and @moldybread You two are not helping. For example, Sniper Elite 4 is better than Sniper Elite 3. Knack 2 is better than Knack 1. Here the thing, give a game second chance and improved itself.

Cy460d ago

Once again Kotaku is throwing their support behind something stupid.

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