X-bit Labs: Foxconn BlackOps Review - Extraordinary Mainboard on Intel X48 Express Chipset

X-bit labs writes: "Hon Hai Precision Industry Company that owns Foxconn trademark was founded back in 1974. Today, the name of Foxconn Technology Group is familiar to everyone who is at least a little bit into computers. In the end of August 2007 the company introduced Quantum Force mainboard series for computer enthusiasts. The first model there was Foxconn Mars, which we have already discussed in our article called "Foxconn Mars Mainboard on Intel P35 Express Chipset". In January 2008 at the CES show they demonstrated for the first time a new Quantum Force mainboard on Intel X48 Express. It also got a name: Foxconn BlackOps. The board officially launched in the end of April 2008 and today we decided to finally :) offer you a detailed coverage of its features and functionality."

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