Top 9 Outfits Which Can Barely be Described as Outfits

"Level with me, readers. We’ve played games. We’ve played a lot of games. If you’re visiting Rice Digital, chances are you play a lot of Japanese games with creative character designs. But, have you ever felt that, you know, maybe, some outfits can barely be described as outfits? Join us as we look through some barely-there clothes."

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Fist4achin500d ago

Definitely some fine outfits there. I think the fashion thought up by some videogame developers has a lot more fashion sense to it than half the crap that big designers put out on runways and their retail lines.

Relientk77500d ago

They're still outfits to me


Asuka500d ago

Lmao Nick xD. Need to play lollipop chainsaw again...

mt500d ago

some of them I could consider an outfit, some are not.