3 new KOFXII characters confirmed

Raiden / Big Bear (making his first KOF appearance), Andy Bogard, (making his first appearance since KOF2002), and none other than Iori Yagami (debuting a new outfit); have all been confirmed for SNK's upcoming 2D powerhouse: The King of Fighters XII!

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ape0073791d ago

this game will be the greatest fighting game ever made

can't believe my eyes,graphics are [email protected]#$n amazing as well as the gameplay

Tacki3790d ago

King of Fighters XII
Tekken 6
Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

So many great looking fighters on the horizon. I'm simply stoked about all of these titles. I've been thirsting for new fighters for awhile now. It's looking like this genre could really start to flourish once more. It would be a beautiful thing to my eyes.

sinncross3790d ago

is this not old news?

regardless its shaping up nicely.
Can't wait to see what they do with Metal Slug HD

Harry1903790d ago

Iori had been absent from the KOF12 roster till now. I jusrt hope they ad Rugal too.

Rock Bottom3790d ago

No and yes, Iori and Raiden appeared in the artworks shown at AM show two weeks ago, so they were already confirmed, but I think Andy is new.