The five greatest games you probably haven't played

MWEB GameZone writes: "If you haven't played these amazing games yet, then you should start right now. Learn about these absolute gems and tell us which games you think should get more attention."

Sillicur2091d ago

The Long Dark! All the way!

Choc_Salties2090d ago

Long dark is in the ready zone to play!

slappy5082090d ago

Hmm I think I'll need to give prison architect a try by the looks of it, reminds me a bit of Theme Hospital

GLITCHED_2090d ago

That's basically what it is, with executions and prison riots :)

eddvdm2089d ago

not to mention those good story cutscenes (for story mode), as soon as I felt a bit worn out by the game I was refreshed with a great plot.

the best thing IMO is they aren't a boring AAA publisher/dev so they go into very dark subjects once in a while. A.k.a. real life cases

NotAfanBoyy2090d ago

The Long Dark actually looks pretty cool, but $35 seems kinda steep for download-only indie game. Added to my Wishlist.


How disappointing. I was hoping to find something obscure to play. But ive already played 3 of them. Definitely recommended though. The Long Dark, Prison Architect and Call of Cthulhu.