Who Really Makes The Games You Play?You Might Be Surprised.

Outsourcing is fairly common in lots of industries. It makes sense: if you can accomplish more with the help of an outside firm -- especially if it comes at a low cost -- why not use it? Where things get interesting, however, is when outsourcing isn't acknowledged -- or, in other words, kept secret...

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DJ5214d ago

I was wondering who the hell these companies are outsourcing to. Crazy.

Raist5214d ago

I woulda never guessed this method would be SO vastly used o_o

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5214d ago

Mainly Japanese games, dirty little secret indeed!

MicroGamer5213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

There is a company in Taiwan called Arima that makes nearly all the laptop computers for sale in the world only with Dell, Gateway, HP, and other badges on them. They basically have a few motherboard designs that are easily modified with components selected by the company that will be selling the laptops, so they can make high power gaming rigs for companies like Alienware or budget models for Gateway or any configuration in between.