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For all of the flack Knack 2 received when it was first received, it defies the cynics through enjoyable combat and an immersive, expanded world.

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Nitrowolf21481d ago

Wait so I skimmed through this for the most part so unless I missed it what was the reason why they decided to include the order besides pricing??

Ratchet & Clank was released for 40 bucks also....

PhoenixUp1481d ago

To get this article more attention

Bronxs151480d ago

I felt the same way. I won't be visiting anymore.

Yui_Suzumiya1479d ago

Wowser. What an original name for a site too, lol

PhoenixUp1481d ago

The Order: 1886 wouldn't have caught so much flak if it too were released at $40

ziggurcat1481d ago

Actually, it wouldn't have caught any flak at all if people just understood the type of game it was, and stopped comparing it to Gears of War.

porkChop1481d ago

The game was criminally short at 5.5 hours with next to no replay value. I understood exactly what type of game it was, it just wasn't worth the asking price. And I say that as someone who paid full price on release day. As interesting as the game was, it had no business being full price.

C-H-E-F1481d ago

I paid 60$ for it and enjoyed it played through it 3 times, sold it for like 28$ to amazon... then bought it for 5$ on a psn sale a few months ago... didn't play it yet, bought it so my wife would play it... great game, reminded me of underworld.

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PhoenixUp1481d ago

People understood what kind of game it was, it still sold reasonably well.

It's just that this type of game wasn't for a lot of other people, which is understandable.

ziggurcat1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

So many people were expecting a completely different game, though. Part of it was that people got hung up with comparing it to another game that had absolutely nothing in common apart of a cover system (which plenty of games have...).

At any rate - It looks like this instalment is getting more favourable reviews.

PhoenixUp1481d ago

People will compare everything to something else, this isn't an issue that's exclusive to The Order: 1886

Even so, an increase of a score from 54 to 70 on Metacritic isn't something to entirely be proud of. Knack has further cemented itself as an average platformer.

ziggurcat1481d ago

54 to 70 is a pretty significant increase, actually.

PhoenixUp1481d ago

Yes I know that but it's still a 70, which is pretty much an average score

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SenorFartCushion1481d ago

This is true.

A tech demo with half a story, that's all.

UCForce1481d ago

@Frinker Always being skeptical like one dimensional person. Like I said, you are so predictable with that attitude of your.

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FallenAngel19841481d ago

"Its great value of $39.99 shows what Sony learned from The Order: 1886‘s price controversy."

Not really. Even during the PS2 era Sony had sold a lot of its AAA platformers at $39.99. Not to mention that a lot of 3D platformers have been selling for that price recently this generation as well.

It's in no way a reaction to The Order: 1886. You could only say that Sony has become reactionary to that title's reception if they were to release a new AAA game that isn't standalone DLC for $40 as well.

SenorFartCushion1481d ago

The Order 1886 was shorter than most stand-alone DLCs.

Razzer1481d ago

That makes three $40 first party exclusives for PS4 in less than a month. First two being Uncharted Lost Legacy and Everbody's Golf. Awesome.

Matrix61481d ago

I just started on 1886, I might need a 2nd playthrough to fully concentrate on the dialogues. Plus, got Knack 2 for free on the PS store, so can't complain about the price 😉😁

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