How Will the Future of MMO Games Pan Out?

Mobile games continue to rise while the number of those playing PC mmo games fall. How will the future of PC mmo games pan out? Get more blogs at MMO-Play.

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Fist4achin1543d ago

If there are too many to choose from, won't it dilute the player base?! I would think the lifespans of MMOs are shrinking bc tomorrow the next best thing is releasing and then there's another right behind it.

Yohshida1543d ago

I just cant get into any newer MMO. I would love to, but I just cant find one that fits me. I played Guild Wars 1 (not the horrible 2. part), World of Warcraft and R.O.S.E. Online all together for about 7000 hours. The only newer MMO I found "fun" was Albion Online, but that has a lot of problems itself.