Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, but a return from where?

Brianemone writes:

"I can't help but feel a little cautious even talking about this game in a serious manner, you never know if it is some elaborate joke or if it will eventuate in a real title. The trailer is past the break which gives a little back story to the idea of Matt Hazard, not to be confused with Hazard Mats."

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Cajun Chicken3791d ago

This game is totally under my radar after I heard about the fake history they made for it.
This is what a lot of games lack these days; humour. Pure humour. I can't wait to see footage of this game; because I'm that guy that loved EWJ, Duke Nukem, MDK, Serious Sam, Wild 9, Nitro Family, Giants: Citzen Kabuto and Armed and Dangerous.

Its a really great concept to make a sequel of a game franchise which actually doesn't exist, I love it!
Seriously, is this interactive satire of Duke Nukem Forever or what?

gano3791d ago

Dude hilarious. I can't wait to see what he about. I also
like the tomb raider reference.