Nintendo to offer original game downloads for Wii

A statement made by Hudson Entertainment's director of marketing, John Lee, in an interview with Game Informer, sparked a rumour that Nintendo could be making a new 'Games Channel' for Wii through which it will deliver new downloadable games.

When asked if Hudson plans to release any original content through the Virtual Console, Lee responded: "Well, the VC was specifically designed to bring back classic games, not to introduce new content. So to answer your question specifically: No.

"However, in the future, you should rephrase that question to: Are there any plans to launch original content on some downloadable service on the Wii, and you might get a different answer."

Curious as to what he may have meant by that, CVG contacted Nintendo and got this response: "Nintendo has developed a programming system that will allow small independent developers to make games for Wii download service.

"We cannot confirm at this time in what format the new content will be delivered, but in the future there will be original games available for download through the Wii Shop."

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