$833 million in console micropayments by 2011

According to a new study from ABI Research, micropayments for consoles alone will account for $833 million by 2011.

A new study from New York-based ABI Research estimates that increasing numbers of gamers will allocate a growing part of their gaming budget towards the purchase of in-game assets such as maps, game related add-ons, casual games, and eventually full blown console titles released digitally.

The research predicts that these micropayments will account for $833 million by 2011, with platform holders and publishers looking to generate increased revenue from in-game purchases.

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DeathNote15217d ago

Downloading full blown console titles released digitally on the Wii and 360 is gonna be hard. Wii has crap for space, and the 360's 20gb HD actually has 8gb free.

THAMMER15216d ago

Have ever deleted or transferred all the content on your 360. You would not miss quote the HDD space. It is 11 gigs with only the back ward compatibility updates. You should not clog a HDD any way. Not your PC or Games console, they do crash.

Grown Folks Talk5216d ago

because i have the 725MB graw chapter 2, 3 episodes of chappelle show, the descent in standard def, and about 8 or 9 cds stored on my hard drive, and i still have 8+ gigs of space left. lucky me i guess.

True Gamer5217d ago

Sony and include a 60Gig Hardrive in the Xbox 360 Premium, and have a 20GB HD for the Xbox 360 Core.

malachi235216d ago

I think you have Microsoft confused with sony, cause Sony is the company that copies every other companies ideas.

Harry5216d ago

Note: The analog stick and rumble pack on the N64.... a few months later! Poof! A dualshock controller has appeared from the clever minds of the Sony dev team!

THAMMER15216d ago

But I would not be in a rush to down load a game either. People are on the hunt for angles to leverage preference against choice. But if a new HD is released I will buy it if priced properly. I'm a hard core gamer and the 20 gig is fine. I delete trailers after viewing 2 - 3 times and Demos are gone after a week or so. Any thing else is streamed form my PC or from my Zune.

I learned from my 1st Xbox how to use your HDD.