[WKG] God of War Preview - A Land Unfamiliar To A Most Iconic Ashen Anti-Hero

It's no lie that God of War has been around for a while now and with a total of seven (including the mobile game - God of War: Betrayal) released titles to date, it'd be understandable for fans to accuse Sony of milking the series, but is it really milking the series if there's still more story to tell?

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FallenAngel1984407d ago

This isn't a reboot, God of War 4 is set in the same continuity as its predecessors

-GreenRanger407d ago

Reboot or not, the game will be mine.

AspiringProGenji407d ago

This is not milking due to Santa Monica actually going a much different direction in everything and changing the gameplay.

PhoenixUp407d ago

How is it milking to keep a series ongoing?