Michael Pachter on Xbox One X Sales, the Switch's Future, and Console Exclusives

On this week's episode of The 1099 Podcast, research analyst at Wedbush Securities, the host of the Pachter Factor, and a returning guest, Michael Pachter, joins host Josiah Renaudin to cover the business side of video games. They cover the sales projections and possible struggles of the Xbox One X, the surprising success of the Nintendo Switch, why Nintendo isn't selling many SNES Classics, whether or not console exclusives still matter, and what we can expect from the next PlayStation.

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WePlayDirty407d ago

Pachter makes some good points.

Lionheart377407d ago

Agree. Love the idea of Nintendo lending its properties to smart third parties, too.

RadicalCannibal407d ago

Beneath his desk, Pachter like to wear boxer shorts with no trousers and high socks with brown brogue shoes to a high polish