Blend Games Review: Fracture

Blend Games writes: "Fracture depicts a world split between two warring sides: the Atlantic Alliance and the Republic of Pacifica. As a game, Fracture is also split two ways: it's simultaneously a very conventional third-person perspective shooter and an energetic action-puzzle game. It's a very awkward pairing, unfortunately.

Players control Jet Brody, a soldier in the Atlantic Alliance. The Alliance pursues cybernetic technologies to survive in a world torn apart by the rising sea level and climate change caused by global warming while Pacifica believes that manipulation of human genetics is the way to save mankind. The Pacificans are now nearly a different species due to their genome experiments. As I understand it, these differing scientific paths are what cause the schism between the Earth's population. It's not an unoriginal story but it amounts to a very familiar set-up: you're a soldier with cybernetics and power armor fighting a near-human hostile species. The graphics do look good - particularly the last level on the snowy streets of Washington, D.C. - but you might have trouble distinguishing it from many other shooters."

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