Warzone #18 - Why is it that Playstation Fanboys Can Only Argue Graphic Quality And Not Gameplay?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we touch upon why all console debates put heavy emphasis on graphics and not gameplay. Playstation 3 fanboys are consistently guilty of this. I play devils advocate and watch Hiphopgamer and Weapon X and some of our listeners argue gameplay of Halo 3 vs Resistance: FOM. Also on this show:

- Erl_Fly tells us why he likes Pure better than Motorstorm
- 360 beats PS3 for the month of September in Japan. Will it continue?
- Why is IGN(I Get paid for Noob game reviews) the default source to settle game debates?
- and much much more!"

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Cajun Chicken4434d ago

"On this episode we touch upon why all console debates put heavy emphasis on graphics and not gameplay. Xbox 360 fanboys are consistently guilty of this."

Wrong fanboy group, BitBag, wrong fanboy group. I don't know what 'PS3 Fanboys' you have 'talked to'.

razer4434d ago

You should join liars anonymous. You have got to be a liar because you don't strike me as utterly stupid since you can type on a keyboard and form sentences.

The fact you type that on this POS site makes it even more puzzling. Last gen when the PS2 was garbage hardware wise compared to the Xbox it was all about gameplay but now this gen you flip flopping donkey riders are all about hardware specs and graphics.

Cajun Chicken4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

I'm afraid I'm perfectly happy with my PS3 and what it gives me in content, games and choice.
Did you know that EDF2017, Crackdown and the Geometry Wars are my favourite games on my 360?
Are those graphical masterpieces? No, they are not. But they are freaking brilliant in gameplay, do the 360 crowd use them as examples of great exclusives on the 360? No, they DON'T.

However; Whenever I type on this 'POS site' on most articles I keep on hearing how 'Gears looks when combating any PS3 game. That's great, that's brilliant for a game based on middleware capable of great graphics on ANY platform.

Its the fact that on 360 only 'high graphical quality' games get the credit given, wherever they are crap or not. Halo3 hadn't made a large jump despite being on much powerful hardware, it still looked graphically similar to Halo1 and SHOULD of looked a lot more stunning being on a next gen console, it should of been leaps and bounds and it wasn't, not even in gameplay.

The games being something fresh get constantly ignored on 360 and so far; that hasn't happened on PS3, also no game has personally let me down since early 2007 on the system also some PS3 games are looking incredible, not just in graphics, but artistic direction and are being made by veteran PS developers who can deliver the goods in gameplay too without sacrificing either because they did in previous generations.

So that's how I came to my conclusion, alright?

And yes, the XBOX was more powerful than the PS2, problem is; other than Halo and a few ports of PC games, did it really do anything with that extra power?
Bear in mind the PS2 still had great games even though the system was limited, but they still, artistically; looked and played great.

Internet Trolling Ex4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Cajun chicken,good job owning Razer,he sent me a message and I owned him via reply,here's the link showing the message he sent full of tears:


juuken4434d ago

Good job owning that loser Chicken. Someone needs a foot up the ass and needs to come back down to reality.

thatCanadianguyisgay4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

oooow i like chicken

Sofa King Retarded4434d ago

The military doesn't want to use "its technology"

They want to use the cell chipset. Stop acting like the ps3 is going to guide missles. the cell is excellent for floating point calculations. when it comes to gaming its not all about floats (decimal calculations). its more about graphics which is utilized by a GPU. the ps3 is a great console but dont try to act like its going to be attached to every missle because its "superior". you should read up more about chipsets and software development before rambling on about technical aspects. its obvious you don't know what you are talking about troll.

juuken4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Wait...what are you talking about?

I was referring to the technology. I didn't imply that the military wanted to use the PS3 directly...?

I know what I said there. :/

And who the f*ck are you calling a troll? I've been here since April of this year.

You just basically you can be called a troll, right?

ThatCanadianGuy4434d ago

Hello my lame troll stalker.

Actually i don't like chicken.I don't even eat meat.Im a Vegan.
You are seriously the worst troll i've ever seen.

razer4434d ago

Cajun - We are talking about this site? How many times do I hear the power of the cell? How many times do I hear 1080p? How many times do I hear about Killzone 2? How many times do I hear about texture quality because of Blu-ray? Who throws fits when a developer says "we have to change a game for dvd9"?

I could go on and this is coming from PS3 fanboys on this site. You own both consoles and seem less fanboyish at the moment but this article is talking about the PS3 fanboys and that they emphasize graphics and horsepower more than 360. The fact that I called you a liar is because you are saying "wrong fanboy group" when on n4g that is the opposite, despite how you personally come to your own conclusions.

The reaction to not list those games comes from having to be defensive to Sony fanboys who throw out the graphics argument time and time again. Believe me, EDF would not make a good argument for graphics but gameplay yes.

@1.3: Nice picture that you made up. Pathetic as always.

Cajun Chicken4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

No, thats just the fact that PS3 games, especially exclusives since late 2007 have the gameplay to fit in with the gameplay.

I'd personally play a game that's bigger with less graphics. EDF2017 is a fantastic example of that.

But since I've appeared on this site, I've seen 360 fanboys whenever a PS3 game come up and claim that 'Gears1 or '2 looks better than any PS3 game or the system has 'no good games but MGS4' and this pure crap about 'AAA games' which the media tells you, there are PLENTY of brilliant games on PS3 and most the exclusives are worth a play and are seriously underrated, mainly, because they aren't on 360.

Also stupid comparison videos, even stooping down to colour palette in the recent case of Pure, just to make the PS3 look a little bit worse than the 360 versions because the technical differences between both consoles are now pretty much equalised. When all that needs to be done is the magic of two notches on a remote and contrast.

Killzone2? So what, it looks freaking great, the first one wasn't really that good, but the developer seemed to of learned from other games since and looks stunning. It really does and its only for PS3, so its something worth celebrating that we have such a focused developer on the platform that haven't used middleware and made the game from scratch.

I don't care what anyone says; the 360 isn't the messiah everyone thinks it is.
It plays games, and that's about it and MS try to squeeze every ounce of cash out of you after buying the damn thing in order to get the full experience.
Its a good console, but MS LIMIT EVERYTHING and that's how it fails. If the 360 wasn't managed by MS or had a different management scheme maybe assuming not all 360 owners are 'hardcore gamers' and want to play numberous fees for interacting with friends, it would undoubtedly be a bit better and nearer to those glory XBOX days where I could be seriously happy supporting both consoles equally.

I also prefer my PS3 because the way the system hasn't moulded its corporate and public identity mainly through two game franchises and ignored everything else between.
The PS3 is a big black monolith with brilliant features, its not defined by anything but itself, the games don't make the machine.

If any game defines the PS3, its Uncharted. That game is simply amazing in every sense and did things which were though of 'off the map' of what the public and media thought the machine was capable of.

Internet Trolling Ex4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Great job owning razer again,dont forget to take one of his bubbles with you on the way out

JasonPC360PS3Wii4434d ago

Every droid just got owned like a cheap used car, nice job razer.

karlostomy4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Razer cast a net of pure Razer pwnage on that rabble of SDF above.

Some might even say Razer raised hell in the SDF camp.....

Oh what am I saying... the SDF camp has been completely razed to the ground!

As always, his wit was Razer-sharp and thankfully, the hubris of SDF was reliably erazed.

Veryangry_bot4434d ago

Trying to argue PS3 dont have gameplay? ARE YOU FKING KIDDING ME?

SOCOM, RESISTANCE 2 (60 player biatch!), MAG (256 player biatch), LITTLEBIGPLANET (that enough gameplay for ya biatch!), FAT PRINCESS.

In fact, PS3 has:

WE HAVE IT ALL! We dont have to "pick" like you people, we get it all!
Thats the fking truth. I feel sorry for xbots and wii boys.

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dktxx24434d ago

Both fanboy groups do it. What kind of gay podcast is this?

4434d ago
Breakfast4434d ago

Argue it.
Dont click the link.
xbox is the best.


INehalemEXI4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Honestly, I have a PS3 Bias for my own reasons I wont lie. I do appreciate 360 and Wii though. If I was going to look at all the games ive played this gen and pick one for the best gameplay. I would pick Warhawk personally. Its just my game so far this Gen ( especially since they added Jet packs.) that and MGS4/MGO, Crysis and Bioshock also.

Edit: @ Shazam read up homes.

4434d ago
4434d ago
HighDefinition4434d ago

LBP and Heavy Rain.

I`m out.

Crazywhitie4434d ago

the PS3 is a joke for one reason only Sony still Holding on to the PS2... that means they don't have alot of faith in the ps3... they should have drop support for the ps2 and add back play on ALL PS3... now they've dropped that.. gald i got a 60gb.. Games still suck on PS3 I'd buy a game for 360 before the ps3, LBP, and Socom, are the only games i'll buy for PS3 ... maybe R2 i'll rent it first... hated the first one

4434d ago
facepalm4434d ago

Here's an article to help with your third point...

HighDefinition4434d ago

My point exactly.

Bubbles for the Link.

poopsack4434d ago

you fail on so many levels.

HighDefinition4434d ago

Yep, that was so FULL of FAIL, I wasn`t even gonna respond to it. At least you found it as SAD as I did.

BigPappaPump4434d ago

Do you know every African Americans? How ignorant of you to make a comment that you can't back up. You'd sound more intellegent if you if you keep your mouth shut. Welcome to Ignoreville! Enjoy your stay.

ThatCanadianGuy4434d ago

""the PS3 is a joke for one reason only Sony still Holding on to the PS2... that means they don't have alot of faith in the ps3""

I really don't understand what that means?? Like really...wth?
Whatever.I swear 50% of the people on this site are insane.

mikeslemonade4434d ago

Because with Graphics you have actual factual evidence on which game looks better. Gameplay is a matter opinion of which is better.

JsonHenry4434d ago

Lol, why would anyone that actually owns BOTH consoles argue?! Neither one has a clear advantage over the other in terms of graphics. Although I have to say that my 360 has less jaggies than my PS3 but my PS3 has less "hiccups".

If you want to argue anything about either console it should be multiplayer experiences, features, online stores, exclusives, and peripherals.

But the graphics are so close (and outdated) on both consoles I really can't see having an honest objective argument when they are so close to each other n looks.

kunit22c4433d ago

thatcanadianguy420 why are you here? you obviously arnt up to date. they are still making ps2's thats what he is saying, so if they are still making them then they dont have complete trust in their new system (ps3).

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Salvadore4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

I recently started listening to the Warzone about 2 months ago and I like it. HOWEVER, I dislike how they keep complaining about fanboys in general. Ok, there are people taking it to the extreme, but I don't really see any point in spending quality time for bashing and complaining.

Regarding the title, I have to disagree because it's a general question. There are games in this generation that offers great graphics, but comes short in gameplay. TO mainly focus it towards "PS3 Fanboys" is incorrect as most fanboys do it.

UltimateIdiot9114434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Agree, LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain are two titles that comes to mind when it's about really unique or fun gameplay. Fat Princess will be another title with fun and great gameplay. So it's really ignorant to say it's Sony Fanboys. It's fanboys in general.

Cajun Chicken4434d ago

Crash Commando looks freaking awesome.
I'm also quite happy with the news we're due a Bomberman PSN soon game too.
Free online on games you bought, awesome and the way it should be.

jay34434d ago


I don't think it's on both sides really.

I mean look at the hype for Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain and things on this site. A lot of it's based on the visuals.

Yeah, the Killzone 2 previews have come out and they were damn good, but the hype and excitement was there before they came out.

I do think it's mostly the PS3 fanboys that do the graphics over gameplay thing. 360 fanboys are all about the gameplay over graphics if the game doesn't look too good though.

I do think it has to be said though, that in this case, the 360 fanboys have better logic than the PS3 ones.

RememberThe3574433d ago

We haven't played the games yet so we don't know how they play. Plus, all we get are screen shots and gameplay videos. All we can do is judge from what we see, if what we see is freakin awesome then our judgments will likely be that the game looks freakin awesome.

redgaurd4433d ago

Complaining about fanboys and how irritating and blind their arguments are, but most of these sites wouldn't exist if it weren't for these fanboys. Not to mention most of the articles are written by the biggest fanboys of all.

DaTruth4433d ago

360 fanboys don't want to argue about graphics because their system is losing in this particular category. Also, gameplay is subjective based on individual taste; whereas graphics are not and thus make for good comparison of a systems strength. On top of that, gameplay has nothing to do with the strength of a system and does not support a fanboys argument over which system is more advanced, or anyone's argument. If you don't like RPGs than you would not be partial to the gameplay.

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name4434d ago

Pure better than motorstorm? What?

razer4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

It is unless you ask a PS3 fanboy who will protect motorstorm like its his own nuts.

Graphics are just as good, except maybe in draw distance but the races are more fun and the tricks add a ton of disversity to the races. Using different vehicles in MS does change it up a bit but it still gets boring faster. Both games have alternate paths so that is a draw.

juuken4434d ago

Lol, amazing...isn't it?

Karum4434d ago

Which Motorstorm game are you talking about?

Please say the second one.

poopsack4434d ago

yeah bloom and breakdancing on atvs rox

thewhoopimen4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

how do you compare a multiplat game to a game that hasn't even come out yet. Inanity. I didn't like Pure. I want to drive a monster truck instead of falling off my atv trying to do a trick for a stupid boost. The character's in PURE look like teens (have you looked at the guy in the load screen posing. He looks like a friggin redneck). I don't want to play a barely pubscent kid who can't differentiate what he thinks is cool and reality. Reality dictates the one driving the Audi RS8 is cool. Not the stupid ATV Poser. For lack of player/vehicle variety PURE fails in my book.

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