What if Sarah Palin Was In Video Games? (Images)

Now that Vice President nominee Sarah Palin has been battle tested with the debate, why not put her in some video game battles too? PWN or DIE has photoshopped the vice president nominee into some games like Halo, Tomb Raider, and Grand Theft Auto.

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CrippleH3788d ago

She'll be a dumb bimbo thats what.

She didn't directly answered the questions on the debate.
Instead changed the subjects and talked "Soccer momish" to people.

She even winked.

If She's VP later on I want to strangle her and the people who voted for her.

Ruining the dam country.

Coheno3787d ago

Jep, and a big ass bimbo at that! Now this is a great feature/article!

Monchichi0253787d ago

I hate that dumb broad! I can't believe McCain would insult the American public's intelligence by tagging her as his VP pick!!! GRRR!!

They try to feed us this B.S. that she's one of us and that's why we should vote for her. NO THANK YOU!!! There's a reason why smart people are elected leaders; BECAUSE THERE HAVE TO HAVE BRAINS TO HANDLE DIFFICULT DECISIONS!! (excluding Bush of course)

Can you people imagine a world where Sarah the Liar would be President!!! Now that's S-C-A-R-Y!!!! It would be like a Nightmare Disney movie!!

Statix3787d ago

A Vice Presidential candidate has no business WINKING in a debate. No business, period.

And this Palin character, this publicity stunt, has no business being a vice president.

gunnerheadboy3787d ago

She looks like a man in this pic:

Jim Hawking3787d ago

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

FantasyStar3787d ago

I hate me BAD thoughts.

leftbehindxp3787d ago

"She winked! NO WINKY DURING DEBATE!" hahaha wow you guys. just wow. She's just spunky that's all. But it was kind of unprofessional though imo.

BTW those pictures are hilarious!

juuken3787d ago


She's an idiot, seriously.

psnDevistator3563787d ago

Was stupid for picking her and I think that he dug his own hole. Also how the f_uck could he not know anything about the economy and expect to become president? Choosing Palin shows alote of intelligence (sarcasm).

Use logic when you vote for candidate.

Trekster_Gamer3786d ago

You are a typical Left Winged Dumb Ass

Electricear3786d ago

I would hope they check a bipartisan fact checking web site like It's fascinating to see how both sides distort things. That being said, I got a chuckle out of a couple of the images, but was disturbed by both the Tomb Raider one, and the second GTA one. Every time I look at the second GTA image I'd think of Weird Al Yankovic, and for the life of me I don't know why... But it sure does make my skin crawl.

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Internet Trolling Ex3788d ago

She'd be exclusive to the xbox version,since flops are exclusive to that platform

dukadork3787d ago

she'd have the Red Ass Of Death

John_McCain3788d ago

Hot stuff! That's why I 'tapped' her to be my VP choice! ;)

Statix3787d ago

Oh McCain, you old skirt chaser. You always did have a thing for the pretty broads.

psnDevistator3563787d ago

John I know we all get desperate at times but what did she tell you, Ill have sex with you if you choose me to be your running mate.

Stupid Whore

Conan9973787d ago

GILF is actually the correct term

lol, sundays are slow newsdays.

Agent VX3787d ago

LOL, that old raggedly hag!!! After you shovel off the 15lbs of makeup off her old wrinkly face, downed a 26 and shut the lights off, maybe!!!

Anybody wanting to "Hit" that needs some companionship of the female gender real bad!!!

Johnny Rotten3787d ago

they should make clones of Tina Fey instead!

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