GameHuddle: BiA: Hell's Highway Review

Well populated matches are lively and intense, as fully-manned teams work together to stay alive, back each other up, and thwart their opponents. Add in a vocal squad leader, and there is ample potential for exciting battles. However, there are still plenty of lone wolves roaming about, and whether players will fully embrace the tactical side of things, like the game 'America's Army', remains to be seen.

A great game, with some minor problems. These problems are no where near enough to keep you away and I still highly recommend this game to everyone!

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name3786d ago

I thought I had to be the only one who liked the demo.

FCOLitsjustagame3786d ago

I dont know about the demo but the game is great! Playing through on authentic now. Only bad thing is no iron sights while in cover. Still though its been an enjoyable 3rd playthrough.