Two Worlds pushed back to May

Zuxxez Entertainment has announced the delayed release of its upcoming PC and Xbox 360 RPG Two Worlds.

Gamers looking forward to Zuxxez Entertainment's promising looking RPG Two Worlds will now have to wait several months longer to get their hands on the game. It has been announced today that its new release date is May 9, 2007.

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THWIP5217d ago

Plus, that's when my wife is done with classes for the semester, so it works out better this way. With 'Shivering Isles', and this, we'll be busy gaming all summer long. :)

BoneMagnus5217d ago

With Shivering Isles,Crackdown, GRAW 2 and God of War 2, my Spring videogame funds were already spent.

specialguest5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

i guess no one crack jokes and start bashing when a non-PS3 game is delayed. oh yeah, it's all part of the normal process of game development when it's not a PS3 game.

BoneMagnus5217d ago

I've NEVER bashed a system based on delays aside from getting frustrated with Nintendo over the whole Zelda:TP thing.

MOST games - that turn out well and are not rushed for ALL systems get delayed. I'll name a few for all systems - Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Oblivion - (360 and PS3), Motorstorm, Mass Effect, FFXIII, Crackdown, Half-Life 2 for 360 and PS3, Too human, Assasin's Creed, Brother in Arms 3...I could go on.

This list includes exclusives and third party titles for all systems! Delays are normal! And most of the above games did not have specific release dates, but "seasons" when they were supposed to come out - ex. "first half 2007" and it has changed to "holiday 2007" or something.

Have I made my point in the most non-fanboy way possible?

specialguest5217d ago

im talking about those hypicritical Sony-hating fanboys. they went on a bash-fest when PS3 games were delayed, even though it's a normal process. BUT, when it's a 360 game..ohhh!

THWIP5217d ago

....he can't help but make retarded comments, because he's...well....SPECIAL. ;)

specialguest5217d ago

i bet your face matches your name.

THWIP5217d ago

...for proving my point. 0_o

specialguest5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

ohh man hahah... carry on buddy, carry on.

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Grown Folks Talk5217d ago

delays have been a common occurance in video games, especially in the last couple of years, across all platforms. sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it pisses you off, but it happens quite frequently.

THWIP5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

...because he was merely making a sarcastic remark....nothing factual at all.

'jkbonafide' must be who you meant to say, because that was HIS point.

Grown Folks Talk5217d ago

i see what specialguest was getting at. it's just like me asking why all of these games that apparantly are crappy on the 360, are all of a sudden great launch titles for the ps3 in europe. he said the same thing as jk, he just didn't say it in a way that you liked.

Anerythristic265217d ago

The PC version was DELAYED. The XBOX 360 never had an official release date. I frequent the official site. On the site it had a launch window for the PC version as being March 07 , all it said about the 360 version is it was going to launch shortly after the PC version.

That should end the argument.

Sphinx5217d ago

I guess I'll have to wait longer for this game, like I am doing for Crackdown. I'm sure it'll make it better in the end.

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