Gaming Nexus: Tank Universal Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Tank Universal is an odd little shooter that harkens back to the VR craze of the past few decades. And I'm not talking "The Matrix" level of VR, I'm thinking all the way back to TRON. In fact, I really couldn't get that old movie out of my head as I trudged my way through this tank/arcade homage to the VR genre. Usually quirky little indie titles like this appeal to me, but sometimes they just miss the mark.

There's really not much to Tank Universal. The story begins with an old fellow getting some seriously bad news from his doctor. Along with this tragic revelation comes a VR headset, which he (for whatever reason) plops over his eyes. And instantly, Our Hero is transported to a land of red and blue lines, right in the middle of some sort of virtual uprising. The story is a bit confusing, and really not all that important, as Tank Universal is pretty much just a tank arcade shooter with stylized (some might call it "outdated") graphics."

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