The Bitbag Preview: NBA 09 - The Inside

The Bitbag writes: "I haven't played a handheld basketball game since NBA JAM days on the Game Gear. I usually stick with the big brother versions on the game consoles. So when I was asked to preview NBA 09 for the PSP, it was a nice surprise. Let me start by saying there is a lot of content in this game. So many modes and extras, it isn't funny. The game feels like an arcade style b-ball game with a touch of simulation for the hardcore fans. Unlike the PS3 version that features "The Life" mode, the PSP version has omitted this feature. Instead we get a meaty Franchise mode that has been revamped from last year's version. It also includes Quick Play, Exhibition, Playoffs, Practice, All-Star Weekend (skills challenge, 3pt contest, all-star game, etc.) and Block Party (Carnival Games, Team Games, Solo Games, Pinball and Quests). Just the Block Party portion alone will keep you busy for hours."

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