Xbox One X: HDMI 2.1 certification is planned before the launch

In recent weeks, the Redmond officials have emphasized not only time and time again that the Xbox One X is the most powerful console of our time, the features of the console are also up to date.

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Neonridr473d ago

very nice move ensuring this console has the latest format.

alb1899471d ago

MS thought about every detail with the X. I'm really pleased.

nX471d ago

Yeah every detail, like not having any exclusives to make your console appealing. Seems like MS is thinking about that detail really hard.

alb1899471d ago

nX, I'm talking about the hardware, calm down.
And to be clear....for me it is appealing enough.

freshslicepizza473d ago

It's pretty future proof then.

Bigpappy472d ago

The certification was given today. We should see articles covering it soon.

HollowKnight472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

That means buying a 4K HDR TV now would be a bad decision. Better to wait for HDMI 2.1 TV's to show up and benefit from 4:4:4 HDR with Freesync.

FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago

Will TVs benefit or even get all those features though? Most TVs use tricks to get "faster" refresh rates, I wouldn't be surprised to see the remainder of those features though.

theXtReMe1471d ago

Exactly. I dont beleve any TVs on the market right now support HDMI 2.1, and if they do... they are using trickery to get it to you. Next year, Im guessing is when we will start to see it natively.

Braveheart_NZ471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Those HDMI 2.1 TVs are rumoured to be coming out next year but make sure that the TV you upgrade to has support for the new ATSC 3.0 which is ready for 4K TV broadcasts . The freesync support on the Xbox One X I have heard is freesync 2.0 which is the next iteration of freesync so it will be even better. Also the Xbox One X has Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Audio Support for full on next gen multichannel surround sound. Paired with the right Receiver the game immersion on games supported with these sound formats will be incredible.

Pantz471d ago

By the time those TV's come out you will be saying it will be better to wait for next year's TV's. At some point you have to fluff the rabbit and buy one.

Many-hat5471d ago

May be worth waiting, but not specifically for XOX. Also, lots of good info on replies to your comments. I'll add another. XOX supports HDR10, but there are TV's which support both Dolby and HDR10 which will benefit you for other media activities. My understanding is that the Dolby version supports scene by scene HDR which is currently superior to HDR10.

dcbronco471d ago

Pantz new electronics usually launch February through March so the wait wouldn't be long.

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MegamanXXX472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

All it needs is the games now since it's future proof. When I think of the One X I just think of a powerful console without the exclusive game's

SIMOIKIE472d ago (Edited 472d ago )


1. Forza horizon 3 --- 4k/30
2. Forza 7 ---- 4k/60
3. NBA 2k18 4k/60
4. Division 4k
5. Wildlands 4k/30
6. Rocket league 4k
7. Witcher 3 4k
8. Gears 4 -- 4k/60
9. Ac origins 4k/30
10. Tomb raider 4k
11. Minecraft 4k
12. PUBG 4k
I don't care for exclusive games. Its a anti gamer and pro business tactic. Spending millions just to have a games dlc a few weeks early is a bad deal for gamers. Its just saying heres our money dont let these other gamers play it for awhile. Ps does have great full exclusive games although the only ones im into are single player campaign dominant games that I've played or can play anytime and the experience will be the same. In a perfect game world there would be no exclusives and companies would share all games at a later date or whatever to make maximum profit so all gamers could play all games and would allow all gamers to play together so the gaming community could exsist in one big ecosystem. Then gamers could play without worry about having the right console or what games they are missing out on. MS teaming up with pc is the best pro gamer move ever. Not only do we get crossplay and share games but also free copy even of certain games. I'll have scorpio edition day one and my list has more than enough to keep me and my family busy until we see what the future holds. 500 bucks isn't a bad price for all the upgrades ill get and I'll finally be able to use the full potential of my 4k lg oled b6 for Gaming! Cant wait! So thanks MS for making a console that i wanted and alot of other xbox gamerS did as well. Sales dont really matter bc its a premium powerful option that is completely up to the gamer. Keep up all the pro gamer decisions MS cause you have been making the right decisions. Think i heard n a movie once... If you build it the games with come!

MegamanXXX472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

No reason for me to purchase one right now. Xbox just don't have a identity at the moment unless it's still Halo. So basically the One X is a powerful console for multiplatform games with higher resolution that looks a little better than the Pro? So $500 dollars just to play multiplatform games in higher resolution. I guess if you're not a PC gamer this might be worth it and a good deal especially if you don't care for exclusives. I still think Microsoft should develop more first party studios imho to take advantage of the power. The problem is that it can take years for them to do that and next gen will probably already start by then hmm. Microsoft best game is Ori atm which is a fantastic game but they need more than that Forza is not a system seller. The only way I would buy this console if they get the STEAM library and they make a game that's better than Horizon Zero Dawn and Zelda the breath of the Wild and The Witcher 3. Keep in mind this is only my opinion. If they get the STEAM library that might make Sony worried. Microsoft does have the money to do that.

hamburgerhill472d ago

Well we all have opinions but personally I feel exclusives are extremely important. A one console future is not what gamers like myself ever want. MS shouldn't strive to destroy console gaming.

Elda472d ago

Half of those games are no reason to buy an XBOX knowing most folks played them already & because it has a slight bump of resolution from the Pro it's still the same old game.

OpenGL472d ago

Gears 4 is confirmed to be 30fps in single player mode and horde.

Rhythmattic471d ago

"I don't care for exclusive games (insert XB gamer here). Its a anti gamer and pro business tactic (insert XB gamer here). Spending millions just to have a games dlc a few weeks early is a bad deal for gamers (insert XB gamer here)"
So, how about Spending millions on 1st party exclusives? Not a mention?
Farking Lol'd !!!!!

dcbronco471d ago

Does Sony pay all these people to say exclusives all day or are these just the biggest sheep on the planet. Apparently only four exclusives are important since the other six of ten lose money. So god of war, gt, last of us and something else are important. The rest aren't according to PlayStation owners.

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343_Guilty_Spark472d ago

It has exclusives just not ones you're interested in. So while you go on endlessly about lack of games maybe it would be more productive if you wrote Phil Spencer and told him how you felt. Better yet organize a petition to get others on board with demanding the games you want.

I'm sure your first argument is that you can get Xbox games on PC. Yes, many Microsoft titles are available on the Windows store and Steam. Frankly, that's good for consumers. However, while less demanding games like Ori 2, Cuphead, and Sea of Thieves won't require high end setups you can be assured other games like Forza 7 and the next Gears will, particularly if they are to be enjoyed in native 4k and 30+ fps.

Secondly, certain games still aren't available on PC. For example Madden, one of the largest console multiplatform games still isn't on PC. If you're a fan of that series consoles are your only choice.

Speaking of that if you're primarily a console gamer why does PC even matter? It certainly doesn't matter to me. I have a 4k setup but I'm not interested in investing 1k plus to game on PC...when it doesn't have all of the games I want on either Xbox or PS4. It shares a lot but not all.

Lastly...what kind of games do you want? It would be nice if one console had every kind of game I wanted. PS4 has great exclusive single player games, but lacks the definitive racer or shooter. Xbox has great multiplayer games, now the best performing multiplats and only average single player games. Switch has arguably the best 1st party games but doesn't have strong 3rd parties. PC has the largest game library but for high end games be ready to spend.

They all have strengths and weaknesses. Just play. I have a Pro and will be getting an X at launch.

SIMOIKIE472d ago

Hamburgerhill wasnt referring to a one console future but one where each gaming company worked together to bring all software to every gamer asap and in Sony's case since they developed them they would get the biggest bank. Also where you can play games, use social features and compare stuff with friends wether they are on pc platform like steam and of course ps Nintendo and xbox. Cross play is a small start in bringing more gamers together and so far we have Nintendo pc and Xbox on that boat.

FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago


That would be kinda pointless since there would be less incentive to buy any of them over another, since everyone could just buy the same thing e.g. a PC.

I may be wrong, but I believe you may have interpreted his comment wrong. I think he meant it more like, "competition and difference are a good thing and you should be happy it exists". The fact that all three consoles can be different and offer different things is what's most appealing about them, if they were the same, then gaming in general would get stale and lack innovation.

SIMOIKIE471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

@final fantasy Thats my opinion of what gaming could be u say that it wouldn't be good bc thats what console are know for. I say thats the problem that they are known for what one has the other doesnt. Wether its games power or whatever. If all games could be played anywhere and on a gaming level u could experience anything u want while being able to communicate and interact with friends on any platform that you bebest imo. Iget the point of competition but that would.make them focus and put there money toward other thing to compete. Such as having customizable console, improving their os, and adding new features. Then it would be the little things. Sure it sound like oh just have pcs for everyone but thats not the case. Console are a living room gaming outlet and thats how me and my family use it. Pc i play but is a completely different experience for me and i prefer console. So my point was its an anti gamer way they compete not that i don't like. i love both console xbox just happens to be the one i play the most. Bringing all of them closer together is what I want.

timotim472d ago

Off topic. This article isn't about games or X's power, it's about HDMI 2.1

MegamanXXX472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

You're right Microsoft likes to talk about hardware features more than games. My bad hardware features is more important to Microsoft thanks for reminding me.

81BX472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Mega is super butt hurt. It's cool dude. Go play your games.

FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago

After looking over the comments, I realize this thread actually get derailed very quickly.

itsmebryan472d ago

Well what is the PS4 pro? An underpowered over priced PS4? What is the purpose of the PS4 pro now?

Elda472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

PS4/Pro has...Exclusives Exclusives Exclusives by their talented first party studios,including gaming console exclusives by talented second & third party studios & developers.That is why it's the leading console globally.

itsmebryan472d ago

The pro is the one that now has no identity. X1x is the most powerful console on the market. What is the Pro's identity? "Slightly more powerful than the standard PS4 and a fraction of the power of the X1X with no 4k Blu Ray player." That slogan doesn't just roll of the tongue.


343_Guilty_Spark472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Mega keeps saying it's only small differences...he never looked at DF?

hdmi 2.1 is a great new addition anyone know what's in the spec update?

Elda472d ago

As of now the XBOX has no identity but Halo & Forza.It's powerful hardware that for the time being plays multi-plats slightly better than the Pro but side by side will be hardly noticeable.The PS4 is dominating with exclusives while the XBO is in a deep deep sleep,the XBOX will never move any mountains or overtake PS4's lead especially having no interesting exclusives,MS is late in the game.

MegamanXXX472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Identity is that Sony has way more first party studios and exclusives and focus more on games for the gamers which is very important.

FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago (Edited 471d ago )


Did you read the article? It may not state everything but here is the important part:

"Among the innovations that HDMI 2.1 brings with it, among other things, the fact that the data rate has been significantly increased. If the data bandwidth for HDMI 2.0 is still 18 Gbit / s, it should be at HDMI 2.1 at 48 Gbit / s. In addition, resolutions of 7.680 x 4.320 (8K) can be output at 60 Hertz or 3.840 x 2.160 pixels (4K) at 120 Hertz."

This article lists more of the features (I surmise there is more since it's launching late this year), here's the info:

MegamanXXX471d ago


Digital Foundry also said there is barely a noticeable difference between native 4K and checkerboard.

Chris12471d ago

@megaman - until they started comparing, now the tune has changed.

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timotim472d ago

Anytime. Now do you have anything to say about the actual feature this topic covers? Or do you just want to keep giving us your personal opinion and the typical Sony fanboy's response to all Xbox articles regardless of topic?

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