Nintendo DSi: What does it mean for you?

PlayFeed: "So, as we've already reported, Nintendo has announced the DSi, a spiffy new iteration of the DS franchise. There's the larger screens, smaller profile, music playback, SD card slot...But what's got everybody in a kerfuffle about it is the 3MP camera embedded in the system, both on the top and between the screens. The burning question now is what exactly Nintendo plans to do with the system, and how they're going to integrate the features. So, if you want some uninformed opinion about the possibilities and future of the DSi, kindly hit the jump."

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LeShin3786d ago

....Nothing. I'm happy with my slim & lite PSP thanks

GametimeUK3786d ago

I dont play my psp much but I might start getting some great games for it soon... But im happy with my DS lite and the GBA backwards compat stuff so I still believe I have the superior version due to a much larger selection of games available for me

greenmeanie3786d ago

Personally I need the GBA slot for guitar hero world tour so this is a no sell for me. I like my lite and am just happy with it. The DSi is good in that it finally allows MP3 playback (legally), and this would be great if oyur going on a weekend trip to take your DSi and have the games and Mp3 player in one unit, but still! I have my zune which plays all my MP3 and I have my DS lite which plays all my games and even though it would be great to combine the 2, I still want to play guitar hero on tour at the end of the day! If I didn't like guitar hero at all and I never owned a DS, I might buy this one. But that just isnt the case.

Fux4Bux3786d ago

I think it means my original DS is still going to be collecting dust. Boy did that gimmick wear out quick. Not as quick as the Wii though.