Massive Falls In Traffic For EVERY Major Gaming Site (Gamespot, IGN, 1UP, etc) investigates the fact that almost every major gaming site has seen massive falls in traffic over the past three months, many seeing falls as much as 30%. Some sites like Kotaku have even fallen in daily traffic rates by 49%. What is the reason behind this?

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hombrehambre4368d ago

Wha? What's up with this? I went and check and it turns out that even N4G has fallen by 17% in daily traffic! Weird...

tinydancer4368d ago

maybe people just have more time in the summer to visit these types of sites.

barom4368d ago

Easy to figure out. The games that we've all read about in the media for the last few months are finally coming out and there's a bunch of betas and demos for those that are coming out soon.

Also combine that with lack of any real news. I mean what's the last we've heard of Fallout 3, Gears Of War 2, Resistance 2, SOCOM, Prince Of Persia, Far Cry 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Fable 2 and etc. Even LittleBigPlanet hasn't got much news, the only articles out there is about these user-created levels which is TOTALLY AWESOME but not on the level of "<insert game> will feature 4-player co-op" or "<insert developer> announces <insert game>".

There's been no real news out. TGS might change that though

JsonHenry4368d ago

Probably because network admins are getting better at blocking these sites from work! : )

deeznuts4368d ago

Has anyone checked to see if there is a corresponding uptick in porn site traffic?

EastCoastSB4368d ago

Bubbles for the laugh.

Although I might know a reason for the slowdown of traffic at Kotaku....

clinker4368d ago

So far there is no problem with my site... in fact, traffic is up sharply over the past 3 months... maybe they all came to us lol!

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hombrehambre4368d ago

Kotaku deserves to fail anyway.

tinydancer4368d ago

oh come on. They're not THAT bad.

zimbo0074368d ago

everybody knows that

people are playing the BETA rather than browsing forums and sites

hombrehambre4368d ago

The LBP beta isn't as big as you'd like to think it is.

Sofa King Retarded4368d ago

everyone finally got sick of Nasim (zimbo007) trolling all the posts. good work nasim....just another muslim that brought nothing but trouble to people in this world.

AngryTypingGuy4368d ago

Because of LBP beta? LOL. Yeah, that's why so many aren't on the websites. Give me a break. That didn't happen with the Halo 3 beta. You think more people are playing the LBP beta than H3? Hells no!

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OldWizard4368d ago

old-wizard destroys ign!

RKRigney4368d ago

Ha that's a claim no one ever expected to see.

RKRigney4368d ago

nope. N4G is down 17% as well. Not as bad as Kotaku or something, but still considerable.

hombrehambre4368d ago

N4G is WAY better than Kotaku though.

Internet Trolling Ex4368d ago

Kotaku are dying,my blog has more traffic than their site