Persona 4 Webisodes

GamersPlatform Reports: "...Atlus today released the first six Persona 4 webisodes, short video clips showing different aspects of gameplay and story."

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Raoh3790d ago

i really think Sony should have pressed atlus to release persona 4 on the ps3 and not the ps2.

Even if the graphics wouldnt have been much more improved this release.. its a strong enough franchise to keep japanese and rpg fans happy on the ps3 side of things..

PikkonX3790d ago

A Shin Megami Tensei game was announced for PS3 back in 2005. Maybe we'll hear about it soon.

Gorgon3790d ago

I hope so. It's time for Atlus to start supporting the PS3 and now is the perfect time since RPGs are still very few. They could get quite a few new customers because there would be less competition and it would require less publicity. If they keep delaying, in two or three years the only PS3 customers for the SMT series will be the same customers they have now on the PS2.


Homicide3790d ago

I don't like Chie's voice. She needs a more energetic voice like the Japanese one. Can't wait for this game though.

gano3790d ago

A ps3 version will come in the meantime their are two prob 3
rpgs i'll be playing this yr out, including this.