Peep Double Dragon's XBLA makeover

According to the Netherlands' Xboxworld (via NeoGAF), Double Dragon is headed to Xbox Live Arcade in March, for 400 MS points. Like other aging classics before them, the Lee brothers and foes look to be receiving a visual touch-up. But as is often the case with real-life makeovers, the "enhanced" look just seems to always miss the mark.

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iballa4287d ago

Renegade(the game before Double Dragon) was much better!

Antan4287d ago

And then Target Renegade came and ruled the roost!!

iballa4287d ago

That was the game that beat them all. Speccy version and c64 FTW

THWIP4287d ago

...they just altered the character models, and background slightly....but it looks no better.

unleash bass4287d ago

It looks worse! Just look at the dude in yellow, what happend to the shading on his arm? Just looks like the hardware's anti-alias'ing smoothing things.

unleash bass4287d ago

I've looked again at the larger pics and they def updated it. Looks fine. They could have changed that fat teddie bear thing on the bin. I think it's supposed to be a cat.

Sphinx4287d ago

for 400 MS points... I loved these types of games back in the day.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4287d ago

It's gone. I guess they're having bandwidth issues. Pussies!

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